The Big Difference

The boys from One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer made accounts on a fan fiction website called Movellas one day. Two girls find out after following the boys accounts. That is when everything goes wrong. Will they remain friends or will the girls never talk to to the boy again.


29. Preparing for Revenge....

Ana's POV

"Shannon?! Why? Why? Why?! I don't want you too!" I say pissed off at Shannon. "Oh come on! Don't get mad at me pleaseeeeeeeee....?" Shannon said laughing.

    "Why did you have to agree with posting that on Twitter and YouTube, Cal?" I say looking at Calum. "I don't know.... I am sorry." Calum says while looking at me.

   "Haha I forgive you two. There might be revenge soon...." I say laughing at them. "Wait, I am involved with this? Or not?" Beanie say a bit nervous.

   "I don't know..... Maybe..... Haha." I say laughing even harder. "Well I am going to sleep. Good night!" Harry said smiling and laying down on the couch.

   "Good night Harry! I am going to go to bed too. It is getting late..." Liam said laying on the couch. "What time is it?" Niall asks Liam. "12:00 at night."

    "We should all go to bed..." Beanie says while walking to the other couch. "Where is everyone going to sleep if we are sleeping out here?" I ask. "On the ground, couches, anywhere I guess." Shannon says while she grabs a blanket and lays on the ground.

***One hour later***

"Niall? Beanie? Louis? Are you up?'' I whisper-yell to the three of them. "Yes. Why love?'' Niall asks me. "Yeah. I am.'' Beanie says. "Ugh. What do you want?'' Louis says while looking at me.

   ''Time for revenge! We are going to get Shay and Cal back!" I say smiling. "I thought I was in trouble too?'' Beanie asks me while stretching. "Nope! I was joking." I say laughing quietly.

   "Let's go into the kitchen to talk about this.'' I say as I get up off the ground trying not to step on anyone. "So, what are we going to do?'' Louis asks while rubbing his eyes. "I don't know... That is why I woke you up. You are good with pranks.'' I say sitting down on one of the kitchen table chairs. "Why thank you!'' Louis says a little loud.

   "Does Shay have any Nerf guns here?'' Louis asks with a evil looking grin on his face. "No. Why?'' Beanie asks. "We need to go to a toy store.'' Louis says. "Okay.... Wouldn't everything be closed right now?'' I ask. "I doubt it. It is Christmas Eve or Christmas day... I am not really sure but they have to be open so people can go last minute shopping!'' Louis says. "Okay then... Let's go.'' Niall says smiling.

***In the car***

   "Turn the radio up, Lou!" Niall says while hitting the driver's seat where Louis was sitting. "No! Be quiet back there! I might put music on if you are quiet!" Louis says while looking back at Niall. "Okay...'' Niall says sitting back in his seat. Niall, Beanie and I were sitting in the back while Louis drove. "I will turn the radio up now. It is too quiet in here...'' Louis said while turning the radio up. "Ugh. Commercials. Who has music on there phone? We can hook that up to the car.'' ''I do!'' All three of us say at the same time. "Uh, we can only use one phone...'' Louis says looking back at us. "Let's just not listen to the music. Let's just listen to the radio.'' I say laughing.

    ''Finally we are here! Is Toys R Us even open?'' I ask looking at Louis. "It is open. See the lights are still on and people are in there.'' Louis says. "Okay.... Let's go then....'' Beanie says.

   As we walk in the store we see everyone cleaning up the place. "Uh, is this place still open?'' Niall asks. "Yes but only for like five more minutes....'' a tall man with bright blond hair says. "Okay! Well we know what we need so we will try to be fast.'' I say as we walk to where the boy stuff would be. "Ahh. Here they are. Someone, go get a cart.'' Louis says looking at all of the Nerf guns. "Okay I will go grab one.'' Niall says walking away. "Wait! Grab two carts! We should get the other guys involved!'' Louis says laughing. "Okay...'' I say as I catch up to Niall. "Hey, love!'' Niall says while stopping to wait for me. "Hey, Ni!" I say smiling and Niall wraps his arm around my shoulder. We walked to the carts and grabbed two. "This is going to be fun!'' Niall says laughing. We got back to Beanie and Louis. "Okay we need to get the best kinds. The ones that you can attack Shay like crazy!'' Louis says with a evil grin. ''Okay....'' We the toy guns into the cart. We got three so I don't know why Louis needs two carts... ''Why do we need two carts, Lou?'' I ask. "We need lots of ammo!" Louis says while grabbing a bunch of the extra pack things. "Okay... well can we hurry up I want to go back.'' Beanie says.

***Twenty minutes later***

We are finally heading back to Shay's house. Yay!




Here is chapter 29! I hope you like it!~Ana

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