The Big Difference

The boys from One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer made accounts on a fan fiction website called Movellas one day. Two girls find out after following the boys accounts. That is when everything goes wrong. Will they remain friends or will the girls never talk to to the boy again.


36. Missing Them

Ana's POV

It has been hard not hanging with them. I miss them A LOT! I don't know what to do without them... The media has gone in a bit of a craze since everyone found out about the boys having accounts on a fan fiction website. They somehow found out where Beanie, Shannon and I live and have been trying to get us to answer questions about the whole thing. I still feel really bad about what I did. I think they were pretty mad but they just didn't want to show it. I don't think I will ever stop thinking about this.

I lay on my bed with my hair sprawled out around me and covering my face. My phone keeps going off but I just ignore it. Pretty sure it is the media or Movellas... My phone begins to go off but this time it is a call. It was, Niall. I instantly pick it up.

   "Hello...?" I say into the phone.

   "Ana? Are you there?" Niall's voice rang through my ears. It was like he was right next to me.

   "Yes. Why?" I say. I kind of wanted to cry. I miss him and everyone else so much.

   "We miss you. I miss you." Niall says. He sounded like he was just crying. I couldn't help but start to tear up.

   "I miss you guys too. Are you okay?" I ask.

   "Hi. Well, whenever he starts to think about you are talk about you he begins to cry. I don't think he is okay. Oh yeah this is Beanie." Beanie says. I felt bad for Niall. I smiled when Beanie began to talk though.

   "Hi Beanie. How is everyone else?" I ask sniffling.

   "They are okay. Are you crying?" Beanie asks.

   "Yes... Well I have a cold too." I say.

   "Hi! Ana you need to come back! Please! Please! Please! We miss you too much!" I could tell that was Shannon. I want to come back but at the same time I am afraid I am going to make a mistake again...

   "Hey, Shannon. I miss you guys a lot too. What if I make a stupid mistake again?" I say.

  "I don't know... it is just a mistake though. You need to come over here!" Shannon says. I don't know what to say back...

   "Ana, please. Can you please come? I want you here with me." Niall says. It sounds like he is crying now... I miss him. I miss them.

   "I am not sure... Half of me is saying I want to go, but the other half is saying I need to stay here." I say as a tear rolls down my cheek. I want to see them. I miss them too much.

   "Then just come over here." Niall says. I wish he was next to me. I wish they could come here. I would love it.

   "I have an idea..." I say smiling.

   "What is it?!" Niall says. He sounded happy. Just then I got a call from my sister. Seriously.

   "Darn it! I will have to tell you later. My little sister is calling. Bye." I say and hang up. I answer my Sister's call.

   "Hello?" I say.

   "Hi, Ana!" She says. This is probably one of the random calls. She always calls me for no reason. It is really annoying.

  "Why are you calling? Is something up?" I say.

  "Do you really know One Direction and Five Seconds of Summer? Or is that all a lie?" She says. Ugh. I don't want to talk about this.

  "I don't want to talk about this. Yes, I do know them. I need to go. You interrupted my phone call with someone else." I say annoyed.

  "Oh. Okay. Bye!" she screams into the phone. It hurt my ear. I decide not to call them back. I am too tired.

To: Niall

Hey... I am too tired to talk... can I just talk to you guys later?

From: Ana

To: Ana

Okay, love. I will talk to you later. Love you, Ana

From: Niall

To: Niall

Love you too, Nialler.

From: Ana

Hey.... sorry the chapter is short. I hope you like it anyways. :)~Ana


>°~°< lol... have no clue what that is....

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