The Big Difference

The boys from One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer made accounts on a fan fiction website called Movellas one day. Two girls find out after following the boys accounts. That is when everything goes wrong. Will they remain friends or will the girls never talk to to the boy again.


43. hey guys A/N


Soooooo, it's me Shannon so I just want to say the big difference brought me closer to you guys the fans and Ana. It's really like this big thing to me, you guys made me like want to get up and write every day and I wish I was still like that. it's just this story got finished mouths ago. Well I have been asked by one of my friends from school who did read this asked me if I would do this so here I am.

I thought of the idea of the story and well it was kinda funny. So Ana mumbled something about Niall Horan and a picture with him on it. I replied with "what if Niall was on here." Just watching it go from just an idea to this story was kinda like a huge opportunity to show what my personality is. You guys were the reason I got up everyday and thought I can't wait for today and to write a new chapter in the story and in life. But me just thinking about what if this came true what if this happens and we all think of that sometimes we do get told that we can't do things we can do things that people think girls or boys can't do.

So thank you for giving us this opportunity  It means so much to me and Ana  keep reading the big change I started writing again so expect updates every week or 2. ~SHANNON

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