Trust Me

Snow The Demon had been part Creepy Pasta, sice the day she was born. She just never knew. Her mother was human, while her father was Herobrine. When she was 5, her brother tried to murder her for being the first girl to be born from Herobrine's family, and would be a curse to the family. Whith the fear of being hurt again, her father put her in the Creepy Pasta house.
Now she must live with the other killers who are there as well... Can she?


1. 10 Years Ago

I hid behind my father terrified. My ebony black wings were shaking it felt like. My father was talking to a man who was extremely tall... But he had no face. I was wondering to myself how he COULD talk with no mouth. My father put a hand on my head and I looked up at him. His white eyes shinned like they normally did.

      He smiled weakliy before he looked back up at the faceless man.


Herobrine: You must help us. I can't afford to loose Snow.

????: Don't worry Hero... I'm sure we can keep your daughter here.


The tall faceless man kneeled down to my height and looked at me (I think). I got scared and started whimpering...


Snow: Daddy...

Herobrine: It's okay Snowy.


My father picked me up and I hugged him. The man stood up again as my father looked back at him.


Herobrine: Sorry. She's been a little jumpy lately because of Mareth.

????: It's perfectly fine. At least that shows she's a smart one. Many kids just walk towards me curious.

Herobrine: Ha... She's really sweet though. The young mobs in the Nether are always happy to play with her.

????: Well I'm sure once she gets use to the mansion, she will surely befriend the others.

Herobrine: Thank you. This is a great help to Yana and I.


My father set me back down and kneeled down in front of me. I stared at him worried.


Herobrine: Snowy... You have to listen. You have to stay here now.

Snow: B- but I wanna be back home with mummy and you.


Tears filled my eyes.


Snow: D- don't you s- still love m- me?


The tears started to streaming down my face and I was crying. My father hugged me tightly and tried to calm me down.


Herobrine: Snowy... Of course I love you. But I'm afraid that Mareth will come back. Your safer here than back home in the Nether... You've gotta be here for your own safety.


He pulled away but still held my shoulders.


Herobrine: Don't worry. You'll be fine here...

Snow: I will?

Herobrine: Yes...


He kissed my forehead and stood up.


Herobrine: I have to get back home...

Snow: O- okay daddy. I'll miss you.

Herobrine: I'll miss you too.


He looked back up at the man sadly.


Herobrine: Promise you'll keep her safe here.

????: I will make sure nothing happens to your daughter.

Herobrine: Thank you Slender...


  My father spawed a quick Nether portal and looked back at me one last time.


Herobrine: I'll be back soon to see you sweetie... I promise.


  I nodded trying to stay strong. But as he walked through the portal... I began to grow more and more sad and alone...

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