In my world, you have a lot of tests to take. It's hard. But, after you get to the decided age, it gets hostile. You face the test that will start, or destroy your future. What will you choose? Back down, or face it? *Contains violence, and blood in some chapters*


10. Wrong

This was wrong, Kye and I were so different! How could we have the same marking on our palms? It wasn't right!

"Kye.... What's going on? The mark." I said to him, and he said nothing. He and I were both shocked. We were hardly alike, but apparently, we were exactly alike. He said nothing, but he held my hand. This was just so wrong. 

I didn't try to take my hand away, but I think I should have, it just wasn't right for him to be holding my hand. His face showed no expression, or anything that would give me a hint on what he was thinking. Jaylynn looked disgusted. 

"Look, I don't know if you two are a thing or what, but can we just get the heck outta here?" Jaylynn said sounding disgusted, and hateful. Kye didn't move or say anything. 

Ash started walking away like he had just been hurt. Jaylynn followed. Kye leaned in to me, and he kissed me. 

"i love you." he whispered. And then, we both got up and left. We followed Jaylynn and Ash. 

"Ash! What the heck was up with that?" I asked him. Ash glared at me with hatred in his eyes. 

"You know what is wrong? I thought we were so alike, and then you and Kye are like a thing. You know what else? I hate you for that. You can take your boyfriend, and get outta here youself. I'm done with you Riya." he said in anger. I shook my head.

"You know what? Kye and I are not a thing. I don't know how long you've had a crush on me, but I just don't feel that way about you. You can go and hate me for being like Kye, but don't expect me to ever help you when you need it most. Go, and get outta here without me or Kye, we have a better chance of passing this than you ever did. GO!" I screamed at him. He punched my jaw and plunged himself at Kye. Ash had a knife in his hand, and he cut Kye's shoulder. Kye punched him, and threw him to the ground. Ash blacked out. Jaylynn ran, and Kye lifted me up in his arms. My jaw was bruised, and swollen. It hurt. Kye walked in the direction Jaylynn had run, and he carried me. 

After we had walked so far, he set me down, and kissed my head. 

"Kye..." I said weakly. He looked at me, and said nothing. He had blood on his shoulder. It streamed down, and he didn't do anything about it. I sat up, and regained my strength. I ripped part of my jeans off, and wiped the blood off his shoulder. Dang, he had a lot of muscle. 

"Thank you Riya." he said to me. I nodded. I put the torn jeans scrap down, and looked into his eyes. He leaned in and pressed his lips on mine. I drew back fast. 

"Kye... I don't know about this. I just don't know." I said. He looked at me, and nodded. 

"Let's go. We need to get out of here. Then, we can go back to the way things were." he said, and he took my hand. I got up, and we walked into the distance. We heard in the distance behind us, Ash screaming my name. 

Kye held my hand tight, and he kept watching me as we walked, and heard Ash running behind us. I looked back, and saw Ash with a gun pointed at Kye's head. I ripped free of Kye's grip and lunged at Ash. He dropped the gun, and fell backwards. He shoved me, and bit my arm. He was lethal, and he wanted me dead. 

Kye ran to me, and he threw me to the side. I hit a wall of glass, and it shattered on me. 

"Kye! No!" I screamed as he held a knife over Ash's chest. Kye looked over at me, and threw the knife behind him. 

Ash punched Kye, and Kye punched him back harder. This was too much for me. 

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