In my world, you have a lot of tests to take. It's hard. But, after you get to the decided age, it gets hostile. You face the test that will start, or destroy your future. What will you choose? Back down, or face it? *Contains violence, and blood in some chapters*


2. Who I am.

Name: Riya

Age: 14

Description: Dark brown hair red tipped, blue eyes, pale, tall, too thin. Bad girl looking, good girl. I try to hide pain, I never let myself look weak in front of anyone. I try too hard on anything. I hate to look weak, but I do feel pain. I never do anything bad, I am a good girl. I look like a bad girl to hide weakness. I can sing. This is me. 

Parents: Rinoah, and Mason Woods

Siblings: None

Friends: Jaylynn, Ash, and Kye. 

Fears: Being left alone to die, heights, knives. 


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