In my world, you have a lot of tests to take. It's hard. But, after you get to the decided age, it gets hostile. You face the test that will start, or destroy your future. What will you choose? Back down, or face it? *Contains violence, and blood in some chapters*


8. Underestimated...

Kye had absolutely gotten our attention. He hadn't ever really acted like that before, but he was now, and he wasn't happy to be here. None off us were happy to be here, I hate tests. I know if I screw up, I can never re-take it, or fix what I screwed up. I hate that, I hate it. I hate when I screw something up, because it labels me for the rest of my life. We all know that there's no time machines to take us back to fix our mistakes. But I wish.... 

We kept moving through the darkness. We found nothing but spilled blood from the bodies littered about the floor like garbage. But, even with proof that we were being watched, Kye kept moving, and he didn't stop. 

Then, the bullets came flying at us. Kye ducked, and I dropped to the ground in pain. I had a bullet hit my calf. I was bleeding, but I wouldn't let the pain show. Weakness was loathed by all of us, and pain is weakness. Ash dropped to my side, and tried to assure me that I was gonna be okay. I believed him, because it was a bullet lodged in my calf. I could die from bleeding, or have died instantly from a clean shot to the heart. I got up, and I started firing my gun at the silhouette I saw in the distance. I hit them, but they fired on last shot at me, and Kye took it to the shoulder. He cringed a little, but then fired at them, and they fell down dead. A direct hit to the chest. 

Jaylynn somehow had managed to escape it all. Ash had gotten a cut from a bullet on his arm, but nothing deep. I had a gaping hole in my leg, and a bullet lodged in it, not to mention the blood all over. It hurt, but I didn't show it. Kye had saved me from a bullet to the heart. We had definitely underestimated him. He took a bullet for me. 

We got up, through the pain, and we walked until we found an exit. It hurt to get to it, but we found it. We walked out into a bright lighted room. It was too bright and it hurt my eyes, but I didn't wince at the pain. None of us did. Kye told us to keep walking, and we did. But, we got stopped by a tall figure in all white clothing. 

"Stop. You must complete the test to continue. Step forward." the figure said in a deep, almost robotic voice. Jaylynn laughed. She was amused, I was too, but I didn't show it. The figure turned her direction, and took her by the arm. He pulled a cloth out, and shoved it in her face. He took it off, and her eyes weren't brown anymore, they were bright blue. That scared me, but I'd never admit it. She was acting weird, and she walked into the room in front of us. Ash tried to go after her, but the figure shoved him back. What would happen to Jaylynn now? 

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