In my world, you have a lot of tests to take. It's hard. But, after you get to the decided age, it gets hostile. You face the test that will start, or destroy your future. What will you choose? Back down, or face it? *Contains violence, and blood in some chapters*


19. The big day!

*Kye's P.O.V.*

Our big day was finally here... We were going to be wed under the willow tree. It was the perfect place for our wedding. I had my tuxedo on, and I was ready to walk down the aisle. 

Mike would we taking the place of Riya's father, and he would walk her down the aisle. I was so excited for our wedding... 

*Riya's P.O.V.*

I had gotten my dress on, and I felt like it was fairy tale. A big white dress with fake jewels drizzled down the front... My dream dress... My dreams were finally coming true.

I looked in the mirror, and saw a princess in it... Hair curled, lips red and shiny, dress perfect... I was so excited... 

I saw Mike in the mirror, and he said it was time. I smiled one last time in the mirror, and took his hand. 

I was ready...

As I walked down the aisle of rose petals, I got a rush of happiness and I smiled brightly. Kye was right there, and he looked at me with happiness shining in his eyes.

I stood in front of Kye and beamed. I couldn't believe this was happening... 

The wedding began and went on until the big moment.  The pastor said those words... "You may kiss the bride..." 

Kye cupped my face in his hands and we sealed it with a kiss. 

I was finally married.

*Kye's P.O.V.*

After I kissed her, my whole life seemed to fall into place. I married the girl of my dreams, and soon, we'd start our family... 

We walked hand in hand down the aisle to the pond, and we had a little picnic there. It was exactly how I had dreamed it would be... Perfect...

We talked about what our family would be like, and our future. She told me she had always wanted a baby girl. I agreed.

We'd hope for a baby girl when the time came, but for now, we'd enjoy our marriage...


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