In my world, you have a lot of tests to take. It's hard. But, after you get to the decided age, it gets hostile. You face the test that will start, or destroy your future. What will you choose? Back down, or face it? *Contains violence, and blood in some chapters*


13. Survive

Kye finally saw how hurt Riya was, and he used all the adrenaline in him to win. She was burning, and she was crying his name, and that made him realize he had to win for her. 

Ash was weakening, he was getting tired, and he couldn't hear how Riya was crying for Kye. Ash finally fell, and let Kye pin him down. Gun at his head, Ash gave up. 

"Kye, I'm sorry... Just, pull the trigger..." Ash, whispered to Kye. 

"I'm sorry too... Look, if this is what you want, I'll do it. But, that doesn't mean I want to kill my best friend." Kye said. Ash nodded, and looked at Riya. She was perfect, but she was burning. He looked away, and closed his eyes. Riya looked over at Ash, and used the last of her strength to get to him.

"Ash, I'm sorry... For everything.... God, this hurts..." she whispered to him. Ash nodded. 

"I'm sorry too. I love you, but you deserve him anyway...." he said, and opened his eyes for one last look at the girl he loved.

Kye closed his eyes, and looked away as he pulled the trigger, killing his best friend... 

Ash lay there still, with blood trickling down his head. He was in a better place, and he was happy. Riya looked at his body and the fire that was surrounding him, engulfed him. 

"Good-bye..." she whispered to the body of her friend. She had blood on her hands, and burns all over her. She started getting dizzy, and she fell. Kye caught her and the both laid there in the ruins and ashes of the arena. They should have died there, like planned, but they didn't. Three lives had been taken there, in front of their eyes.

They survived, against all odds. But, there was much more to come, even though they survived. They had blacked out, in each other's arms, and they were not concious of what happened next.

They woke up, together in a bright room, crowded with people. 

"What's going on?" Kye demanded. Everyone turned to face him. Nobody answered, though. He looked around and one woman stood out. She was wearing black and blue, not white like the others.

"Kye, and Riya... You both survived the test, nobody else did. How? How did you both survive it when nobdy else could?" she demanded of them. 

"Cause we did." Kye answered, angrily. She wasn't satisfied. 

"I expect a real answer, Kye. I know you can answer a simple question like that, if you can survive what I just put you through. But, if you won't answer, then I suppose Riya can. Riya?" she said. 

Riya looked at Kye and shook her head. This was not right... 

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