In my world, you have a lot of tests to take. It's hard. But, after you get to the decided age, it gets hostile. You face the test that will start, or destroy your future. What will you choose? Back down, or face it? *Contains violence, and blood in some chapters*


7. Regret.

You could see the regret in Kye's eyes. He didn't want to kill her, but he had to. That hurt him, you could see that if you looked deep into his eyes. I tried not to make it obvious that I could see his regret. His eyes were a deep, brown, and they were a window to his soul. I hate to see him like this, but what could I do to stop it? Everything that was done, is done. 

"I didn't expect to see her again. That was a rude welcome back, I guess." Jaylynn said, not the slightest bit swayed by what had happened. She looked happy that the girl was dead. That almost scared me, and Ash. Kye was never scared. I know that for a fact.

Kye broke the silence, and that was rare. 

"We need to get moving, this is a test you know. Let's go right, and if there's no escape we'll circle back around. Clear?" he said, in his deep voice, softer than usual. We nodded and went right, on his lead. There were more gun shots in the distance, but by the time they would catch up to us, we'd be long gone. It wasn't a big deal to us, we were too strong to be swayed by their tests, in that dark room. 

Ash was unusually quiet. I wanted to ask what was wrong, but that would mean I thought he was weak, and it'd cause a fight. That was not what we needed at this point. So, we walked on. 

We found a pile of ashes and the lingering scent of smoke, and old blood. We saw a gun, fully loaded, laying on the ground. There was a puddle of blood beside it, but no one was to be found. We took the gun, and kept moving. Kye was the one who claimed the gun, he had good aim, so nobody objected. 

We kept moving until we saw a girl laying on the ground with a gun shot wound in her upper calf. It looked as if she had been dragging herself along, but there was no evidence of that to be seen. She lay, crying on the ground, which by our nature, irritated us to no end. Weakness. Kye suggested we keep moving, but Ash didn't want to. Ash demanded that we help her a little, and then we could take any ammo she had. Kye didn't look mad at first, but then after a few seconds, all of us could tell he was furious. 

"We shouldn't even be in here, and you're suggesting we show weakness in here? If you want to, fine! But, we will leave and survive without you." Kye yelled. He was the un-voted leader, so Ash started walking with the rest of us. Ash hated that whole incident, and hated that Kye couldn't find any kindness in him for the girl. He could have gotten information out of her, and then they'd have more knowledge of the arena. Kye was stupid in Ash's mind, but he just didn't know what Kye did. Kye knew more than we knew he did. We underestimated Kye. 

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