In my world, you have a lot of tests to take. It's hard. But, after you get to the decided age, it gets hostile. You face the test that will start, or destroy your future. What will you choose? Back down, or face it? *Contains violence, and blood in some chapters*


11. Jealousy.

Ash had blood streaming down his face, and tears too. Kye punched him one more time to even things out. He left as laying on the ground in his own blood. Kye rushed to my side, and I was covered in glass and blood. He lifted me from the pool of blood I was laying in. 

"Riya, stay with me, I got you. I've got you. Riya, I love you, and I'm here." he said crying. I could barely hear him, I was drifting away. There was glass in my chest, and in my stomach. It hurt, and I was drifting away from him. My conciousness was limited. He had me in his arms, and he was crying. I had never seen Kye cry. Nobody had. 

I finally blacked out and the last thing I saw was Kye crying. 

I woke up with Kye laying beside me. He was asleep, and I didn't want to wake him. I felt my chest, and the glass was gone. He was exhausted, and he needed the sleep. I sat up, and I looked around me. Nobody was to be found. 

I laid back down, and I started to fall asleep. Ash was nowhere to be found, but he was out there. 

I woke up again screaming from pain. I had a knife in my shoulder. Jaylynn... 

Kye woke up instantly. 

"Jaylynn! Stop!" he screamed at her, and shoved her. Jaylynn screamed and Ash came sprinting at me. He shot at me, and then at Kye. They hated me for Kye having feelings for me. Well, I had news for them, I love Kye. 

Ash was trying to run away, but Kye caught up with him with no trouble. Kye punched him as hard as humanly possible, and threw him to the ground. Ash was already blacked out, but Kye was done with this. He lifted the gun, and shot Ash in the shoulder, and then in the leg. Jaylynn was screaming and crying, but she couldn't do anything to stop it. Kye was the strongest, and she had no chance. 

She ripped the knife from my shoulder, and cut it across my arm. Screaming, I shoved her away the best I could. Kye looked over and saw Jaylynn slicing my arm. Kye ran over and Jaylynn ran away crying. 

Covered in my own blood, I cried. Kye looked at me, and he had a look of horror in his eyes. He looked back at Ash, and had hatred in his eyes. I was drifting off, and Kye was trying to stop my blood from flowing out of my shoulder. 

Ash groaned, but he couldn't get up. Even if he tried to get up, we knew Ash was going to die. That hurt just as bad as the wound on my shoulder. Kye had gotten the blood to stop, and he was trying to find something to wrap my arm in. There was nothing to help me. Kye ripped part of his shirt off and wrapped it on my shoulder. I was still crying because of the pain. 

"Riya, I'm here, please... I'll help you, I promise. The pain will leave, I promise." he said to me, as he brushed my hair out of my face. Even my hair had blood in it. His black hair was tangled, and it had some blood in it. I wasn't sure if the blood was mine or Ash's. Kye didn't care, though. 

I blacked out right as Kye pressed his lips on mine to calm me down. 

I woke up with Kye asleep by me, with his arms around me. No blood on me or him, and we were far from where we were before. Away from Ash, and Jaylynn. It was dark wherever we were. 

Kye opened his eyes, and he looked at me. I was okay. 

"Riya. Are you okay?" he asked. I found some strength to answer him. 

"Yeah... I'm fine." I said, sleepily. He nodded, and laid back down. I laid down beside him, and I started to go to sleep again. We both needed it. 

I woke up again, and Kye was standing over me. His face showed no expression. He then smiled at me. I smiled back, but I winced. Ouch, that hurt, really bad. His expression changed. He looked worried, and he sat down beside me. 

"Are you okay? What hurt?" he said, worriedly. I pointed to my shoulder, and I smiled again to shrug the pain away. He smiled again. 
"Okay. You up to walking?" he asked. I sat up and nodded. He stretched his hand to me, and I took it. He helped me up, and I stood there smiling. I was okay. 

"Okay, I'll help you along, but we need to get this over with. We have to get out of here. Jaylynn came back, and she's out there again. We have to go." he said, and pointed at his chest. He had a gaping slash on it. Jaylynn. I nodded, and he helped me keep walking. 

I was terrified. My best friend was out to kill me. This whole test thing ruined our lives. If we hadn't been forced to do this, Ash might be okay, Jaylynn might have not wanted to kill me, and Kye wouldn't have had to see me so hurt. We were going to have gaping scars for the rest of our lives if we got out of here. They would haunt us, and we would have to live with them forever. But, we had to get out of here. That was our focus right now, escape. 

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