In my world, you have a lot of tests to take. It's hard. But, after you get to the decided age, it gets hostile. You face the test that will start, or destroy your future. What will you choose? Back down, or face it? *Contains violence, and blood in some chapters*


12. Getting Out

Kye and I walked for  long time and kept seeing a shadow of a person. Kye kept his arm around me the whole time, and we were not attacked once. Kye was really in love with me, and his eyes were always on me. He didn't let me go for a second, and he kept telling me that he loved me and he will never leave me. It helped me feel safe in this hostile place. I hated this, but I was getting to see a side of Kye nobody has ever seen. I really was in love with him. I wanted to get out of here and be with him. After the testing, we were free to live with anyone, and we were free to be anyone we wanted to be.

Kye and I were surviving this. We kept walking and we found a door. It had our symbol on it. We walked out it and it was a huge arena. It was filled with cheering crowds and weapons. There was only four people in it. 

Kye, me, Jaylynn, and Ellie. Ellie was a girl from schools she was a small girl and she was always shy. She was scared, and she had a knife in her hand already. She had it pointed at her chest, she wanted somebody else to face this. As soon as I looked at her, she nodded and she plunged the knife in her chest. 

"No! Ellie!" I screamed. Jaylynn smiled, and picked up her axe. I looked at Kye and I picked up my gun from the ground. Kye took his gun from his belt, and aimed at Jaylynn. This was the end of it all. 

Suddenly, Ash stumbled in. He threw a knife at Jaylynn and it hit her chest. She fell to the ground, dead. Jaylynn had been killed by Ash. He walked towards me, and he started to cry. He looked at me and he took my hand. 

"Riya, I'm sorry..." he said. 

He had a knife behind his back. He looked scared. I didn't know what to do. I shoved him down.


"Ash! No. You can't do this to me, please. I was always there for you, why would you do this to me? Ash, no, please..." I said. He shook his head and then, it was ruined. He wasn't going to hurt me of Kye. He had changed his mind. But, it was too late. The bomb had gone off. 

Literally, a bomb. It just beeped really loud once, and then it blew up. Ash was lost in the flames, and Kye was too. I was in the smoke and flames, burning. Screaming, I frantically ran to find Kye. I saw his black shirt in the flames. 

He was trying to stand and find me. He was screaming my name, and he had tears streaming down his face from the smoke. 

"Riya! Riya!" he started coughing as he screamed. I stumbled to him with tears pouring down my face. He embraced me, but his skin was burning. Mine too. The flames were engulfing us, and it burned, badly. He didn't care, though. 

Ash was behind us in the flames and everything around us was burning. Ash had never intended for the bomb to go off now, but it was already done. This flaw in his plan was a minor one, and he could still finish what he started.

Knife in hand, he approached Riya. If she couldn't love him, she couldn't love anyone and she couldn't be happy either. Kye would have to live with the pain of losing the one person he loved. Kye stole her from him and he would have to feel his pain. Ash held it inches from Riya's back, ready to plunge it... But, time stood still for a moment.

The memories they had flooded back to him, and it felt like he had been stabbed himself. He refused to give up now, he wanted vengeance. Kye had ruined everything for him, and it killed him inside. Kye had to feel his pain. 

Riya suddenly turned right as he pulled the knife away. Her eyes burned with confusion, and beauty. He couldn't do it to her. Kye... He turned to face Kye and met his burning stare. Anger, jealousy, hatred, confusion, hostility... No mercy. No forgiveness. Nothing but hatred. 

Ash took a breath, and plunged the knife at Kye. Kye dodged it. Riya stood there, crying from the smoke, and what was taking place right then. Ash didn't give up, he was smart and lethal. Those were his strongest qualities, and he intended to use them to get what he wanted. Riya would feel so much pain, and it would give him a chance to steal her back while she was vulnerable. It was the perfect plan, and it was incapable of failing. He wouldn't let it fail, not after all the blood he had spilled to get here. Kye punched at Ash and hit in in the jaw. Blood dripping from his lip, he swung the knife again. Missing again. Lethal, fatal, hostile, clever, merciless... 

Kye had dropped his gun when the bomb detonated, and he was searching for it now. Ash went too far this time... 

Kye didn't know what Ash had really done and what his real intentions were. Ash had done so much more than try to kill them. But, they didn't know that, they only knew as much as Ash let them know. That detail kept them in the dark, just the way he wanted it. He was smarter than they knew, and that was his advantage, the advantage he would use to get his way.

Refusing to give up, he kept fighting Kye. He was bleeding more than it was worth, but he didn't stop fighting with everything he had. Any other girl would have found that admirable, but not Riya. She could not find it admirable because of what had led up to this. She stood ther dazed and weak from lack of oxygen. 

She eventually was too weak to stand, and she collapsed. Kye wanted to help her up, and get her out of here, but Ash made it impossible to even look away. Knife flying at his head, he kept dodging, fighting for his girl. Fighting for the same girl, they were doing things they would not have even considered before this stupid test. Trying to literally, kill the the other. The violence the people were witnessing was breath-taking. Just what they all wanted. This was all for their amusment that would fade within minutes. Pointless...

The winner was still undecided. But one thing was sure, Kye was fighting for me, and he wasn't planning on losing. 

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