Strictly Confidential


16. We need to talk

Michael gave me a hug as he left "I'm glad your not dead." He said. Wow, thanks.

Calum hugged me as well before leaving, "I have to go before Mali and mum start freaking out like Ash." He tried to smile.

When it was Savannah's turn, "Do you want me to stay?"

I shook my head "Thanks Sav, I'll see you later?"

"Of course," She kissed my cheek, "bye Luke."

Luke and I were left alone standing in the lounge. I slid my hand into his, "We need to tell him."

He nodded pulling me to the basement. Ashton was taking his anger out on his drum kit, I've never seen him drum so angrily. And that's saying something, considering he always looks angry when he's drumming.

"Ashton," I whispered he ignored me "Ash we need to talk." I spoke louder

He stopped drumming "Where were you?" His voice was so quiet "You don't know how worried I was. You could've been dead for all I knew."

"Ashton please, just listen." Luke said.

Ash glanced up at Luke, then our intertwined hands.

"I don't think I need to." he started drumming again, harder.

"Ash-" he cut me off.

"Don't! You could be with any other guy. Why him? Why my best mate? Do you know how this will impact the band? Have you even thought about that?" He shouted. Ashton was angry for once, and it was scary.

Luke stepped in front if me protectively, "Don't yell at her! She did nothing wrong."

"And you! You promised me nothing was going on, you FUCKING LIAR!!!" Ash yelled his hands balled into fists.

"Ashton STOP!!! Calm down. Why does this have to be a bad thing?" I shouted weakly.

"Because, it won't work. Then when you break up and hate each other I'll have to pick sides, either my band breaks up because I pick you Trine, or I lose you because I don't want the band to break up!" His voice was filled with rage.

"Wha if we don't break up? What then? And if we do, I'm not going to make you pick sides." Luke said in a normal volume still on edge, his voice sounded so quiet in comparison to all the raised voices that recently filled the room.

"I won't make you choose either," I said trying to bite back tears. "But right now you're forcing me to choose. I'm warning you now, if you make me choose it won't be you Ash." I ran up the stairs to my bedroom before my tears could escape.

"Trine!" I heard him shout, "Trine! I'm sorry!"

I slammed the door and climbed into my bed without turning the light on. Seconds later a tapping came on my door, "it's me, can I come in?" Luke said through the door.

"Yeah," I called tears streaming down my face.

His figure was blurred as he climbed into the bed with me. His arms wrapped around me as I sobbed.

"I told you so." My voice wavered. I wished I was wrong.

"He'll come 'round." Luke whispered rubbing my arms.

I squeezed my eyes shut hoping he was right.

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