Strictly Confidential


7. strictly confidential

We walked five minutes in silence before Luke spoke up "so what are we?"

"Aren't I the one who's supposed to ask that?"

He shrugged looking at his feet.

"I feel like we could be something." He looked up hope clear in his eyes. "But I think we should see how it goes before anyone knows." The happiness I saw in his eyes faded.

"You mean keep what happened a secret." His voice was quiet and sounded somehow hollow.

"For now." I pulled him to a stop making him face me. He towered over me. "I want there to be an us, but I think we should know for sure before we tell other people."

He nodded kissing me softly. "Promise we will tell though?"

"I promise. But for now this needs to stay between us and only us, I don't want Ash to get all overprotective and flip out. I don't want Calum to either. You have to consider these things Luke." I said hoping he'd understand. "I don't want your band to break up because of me."

"This needs to be confidential." He spoke.


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