Strictly Confidential


3. Savannah

All four boys talked and shouted with food in their mouth which was not only disgusting but also extremely messy.

The table was silent for a moment before Michael's phone beeped.

"Hey guys?" He said still staring at his phone. "Do you want to go to a party at Jake's?" He looked up a hopeful look in his eyes.

I rolled my eyes, another party full of immature drunk idiots. Ugh!

I carried my empty bowl into the kitchen rinsing it in the sink.

After a minute Michael came in with his bowl, he scooped more chilli into his bowl. "You gonna come to the party?" He asked me.

I made an extremely unattractive facial expression shaking my head, earning a laugh from Michael.

"Why not? It'll be fun."

"Right, because seeing immature horny idiots drunk off their ass is fun....."

"Well, no. But it's fun to laugh at them fall over." He suggested raising his eyebrows.

"Fine, on one condition." I smirked

Michael glared at me "really? But she hates me, more than you."

I laughed and threw water at him "first off, no one hates you more than me. Second I'm not going if Savannah doesn't." I crossed my arms standing my ground.

"Fine!! Do you really have to torture me? Just make sure she stays away from me."

I smiled skipping to my room to call Savannah.

After talking to Savannah I took a quick shower and found an outfit.

I finally decided on a camo off-shoulder top with black shorts. Black criss-cross strap heels, and dangly earrings with a black stone.

I curled my dirty blonde hair, applied minimal pale pink lip gloss and a spritz of my favourite perfume.

Savannah arrived in a blue crop top white shorts and white pumps. Her short blonde hair reminded me of a cat, (in a good way).

Where I chose not to wear makeup Savannah did, she did a smokey thing with her eye makeup that I had yet to master and dark red lips. Her diamond necklace hung sparkling in the fading light.She looked hot.

I suddenly felt really insecure. I mean I was short, and not that great looking. I didn't even have a damn tan, what the hell? I live in damn Australia for crying out loud! I shook the thoughts out of my head and smiled at my other best friend, who btw was a lot closer than Calum considering she understood a hell of a lot more being a girl and all.

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