Strictly Confidential


12. Private

The next three days were torture. I kept thinking of what the doctor would say when she finally phoned me back, while Luke always somehow seemed to be around trying to get me to talk to him.

Tonight I was supposed to make dinner again since mum didn't arrive back for another two days. Knowing my brother the band would be there, which meant another opportunity for Luke to try and talk to me. Great.

I was in the process of making Tagliatelle with spinach, mascarpone & Parmesan, which happened to be delicious.

I was currently waiting for the pasta to finish cooking, when I heard four loud voices heading my way.

"Ooh! Is that your spinach pasta I smell?" Calum asked.

I nodded "Keep your hands away from my sauce!"

A disappointed frown crossed his face. "How long till I can taste it?"

I raised my eyebrows "That depends on weather or not I decide you can have some."

He sighed pushing past the other boys, "same goes for you three, now get out of my kitchen."

I turned back toward the pasta sauce I was supposed to be seasoning, hearing them walk away.

I ate in silence while Ash, Michael and Calum chatted -or rather gossiped- about who knows what with full mouths.

Some parts of their conversation reached my ears while others went around my head. What got my attention was Calum asking Luke "Hey mate so what of this girl you were so cheery about the other day?"

Luke's eyes met mine briefly before reaching Calum's. "I wish I knew. She's been ignoring me for the past few days." My heart dropped with guilt.

"Aww. I'm sorry to hear that." Ashton said from beside him.

"Yeah." Luke answered sadly.

"Maybe she's just going through something." I suggested hoping he'd understand.

His mouth opened as my phone buzzed cutting him off. Private number.

I gripped the phone tightly rising from my chair. "I have to take this."

I went to my bedroom shutting the door before answering. "Hello?"

"Hello, is this Miss. Irwin?" The lady on the other side asked patiently.

I nodded before realizing she couldn't see me "yeah."

"I'm calling from the clinic on behalf of Dr. Iris. Your test results came back negative but she asked that you come in just as a precaution. Dr. Iris said that it may have been too early to know for sure."

"Of course." My voice shook with relief. "Could I make an appointment or do I have to wait in the line again?"

"We can definitely make an appointment. Is tomorrow at eleven a good time?" She asked waiting for my response.

"Perfect. Thank you."

"Bye now." The lady said before hanging up.

I sat on my bed as I let what she said sink in.

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