Strictly Confidential


2. Peter Pan

"Boys!! Dinner!" I felt like a mother as I screamed to them. "Get your asses up here before I throw it out."

I heard them groan as they stopped playing FIFA. They weren't even practicing, what's the point of band practice if your not practicing? Not that I'm complaining because hearing them play the same four songs over and over and over again gets irritating.

Don't get me wrong they're good and everything but seriously? Is it really that hard to find a new song? Just one?

Luke say down staring at the empty bowl in front of him "Where's the food?" He held up the bowl waving it in the air. "This isn't Peter Pan! I can't just imagine my food!!"

"No, but you can get up like a big boy and put it in your bowl. Seriously Luke you're not a fucking 5 year old!!"

"Please Trine?" he pouted giving me a puppy dog face.

I rolled my eyes "It's ten damn steps, get it yourself!"

He muttered something too quietly for me to hear leaving the room with his bowl and fork.

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