Strictly Confidential


6. OMG

I woke up to my phone buzzing from somewhere in the disaster on the floor and sunshine. I held my head as I pulled the covers to my chest.

The arm around me tightened. What the hell happened last night? Well obviously not what but who? I turned to find blond hair sticking up in every direction. Luke. OH. MY. GOD. What the fuck did I do?

His blue eyes opened as the events of last night came flooding back. I smiled at how gentle and sweet he was, but unfortunately my phones had to keep buzzing ruining the moment of not regretting it. Yet.

I pulled the blanket with me as I got up and put on my clothes. Still searching for the phone Luke stood up in all his glory smiling at me. I couldn't help but smile back.

Thoughts entered my head that I could have a future with this guy.

He handed me my phone, slipping his jeans on.

I looked at the caller ID to see Ashton's sticking his tongue out.

I told Luke to be silent before I answered. "Hey Ash."

"Hey sis." His cheery voice boomed making my headache grow that much more. "So, I stayed at a friends house I know you had no way to get home which means you're still at Jake's house." He paused "so do you need me to come get you or can you get there on your own?" Concern entered his voice.

"I think I can manage." I spoke quietly "have fun. Be home before dinner because I'm not making it."

He chuckled into the phone "bye Trine. Love you."

"You too." I hung up the phone looking to Luke "You have anyway of getting home?"

"Walking?" He suggested.

I laughed, "hurry up and get dressed so nobody notices us when we leave."

He raised his eyebrows "if anyone's still here they'll be passed out till noon."

I nodded as he slipped his shirt on placing his hand in mine.

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