Strictly Confidential


1. Chilli

Mum was out again, on a business trip.

Which meant I had to cook, not only for me and my brother. No it could never be that easy. My brother had to invite his band mates over for "practice".

I don't think Ash actually realizes how much I hate them or vice versa so I couldn't really blame him.

And technically he didn't invite them over, they invited themselves. Well, all but Calum he actually waited to be invited because he actually had manners. Can you believe that?

Well I can actually, Calum has always been nice. he was actually the only one in their band that I could stand for more than five minutes, (excluding my brother). To be honest I actually considered him my best friend since first year.

Someone's fingers found their way into my chilli, before I could smack them away arms went around my waist spinning me around.

"Stop!!!!" I screamed while laughing.

They put me down but left their arms around my waist hugging me.

I pushed him away and glared. "I'm cooking Calum, screw off."

He smiled before sitting on the counter. "Chilli tastes good, is it done yet?"

I rolled my eyes. "No, go away before I smack you." I warned him.

He hugged me briefly before heading to the basement for band practice.

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