Strictly Confidential


4. broken

When we arrived at the party it was already in full swing. There was someone singing at the top of their lungs something that sounded remotely like Michael Jackson's "Thriller". Which his "friends" all laughing at him taking videos with their phones.

While someone else peed on the prickly plant at the front door. Idiot.

He screamed in pain jumping up and down holding his crotch. I guess someone got a little too close.....

Savannah pulled me straight to the dance floor where people were dancing to Nirvana.

After three songs I shouted to Savannah that I was going to get a drink. She nodded not really paying attention, too busy with a guy she was taking to. Rick? No, Nick? I don't know, does it really matter I'm probably never going to hear about him anyway.

I went through the mace of people to the kitchen grabbing the first cup of whatever I could find.

The cold liquid burned my throat as it went down.

Someone bumped into me making me bump into someone else, their drink soak their white shirt making it transparent. I laughed at the absence of anything there before apologizing. The little red head glared at me before storming off, probably to go tattle on me.

I shook my head making my way toward the balcony needing a hit of fresh air.

The breeze cleansed my nose of the scent of alcohol and bodily fluids.

I closed my eyes briefly in enjoyment.

The bright moon hung low and full making my smile grow further. I could hear crickets and birds singing in the distance while music blasted behind me.....

"Peaceful, isn't it?" Someone behind me said.

I nodded turning around to see who dare disturb me, to find blue eyes staring into my own.

"It's beautiful," Luke said looking out past Jake's yard. "The trees, the way they dance. Not only that though, the way the moon shines on the stream." He pointed somewhere in the distance.

"That's not beauty, that's broken." I say, "the water does nothing to help the moons appearance, it just breaks it." I take a sip of my drink to wash away the awkwardness I just created.

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