Strictly Confidential


5. Beautiful

Luke and I talked for at least an hour, this is the longest I've ever spent near him when we haven't started to argue.

Luke was actually a nice guy.

"You're beautiful, you know that?" Luke said quietly meeting my eyes. I blushed looking away.

He gently pulled my chin up to look at him, "I mean that."

I stayed silent not knowing what to say, I've never considered myself beautiful, or even remotely pretty. my mum and brother told me a lot, but it didn't really count they were obligated to say that.

Luke's hand stayed on my chin, his eyes went to my lips as mine did to his.

He slowly lowered his lips to mine, they were smooth and gentle. His arms went around my waist as I raised to my tippy toes.

He deepened the kiss moving closer to me. My hands subconsciously started playing with his hair.

He pressed me against the wall of the house our tongues moving in sync. My legs wrapped around his waist, I could feel he wanted me.

He reluctantly pulled away, pressing his forehead against mine. "Do you want to go upstairs?" He said breathing heavily.

I nodded, he carried me upstairs to one of the bedrooms and locked the door before gently putting me on the bed.

His lips pressed to mine as I undid his shirt pushing it over his shoulders.

He laid me back pulling down my shorts. I pulled off my top leaving me in my lace bra and panties, he could see everything. And judging by his smile he liked it.

I brought his lips back to mine as I tugged at his pants. He smirked at me pulling away. "Eager are we?" He kicked off his jeans leaving him in just boxers and played with my breasts. I moaned into his mouth. He slowly removed my bra sucking on my nipples. I moaned quietly again.

His mouth trailed down my stomach to my panties, he pulled them off with his teeth, licking the area before pressing his finger inside me. I arched my back as he pumped slowly.

I pulled his head back up to mine capturing him in another kiss as I removed the last remaining piece of clothing between us.

Our tongues fought with each other as he finally entered me thrusting in and out slowly.

I moaned into his mouth.

"Faster" I whispered.

"Say my name." he whispered back biting my lip.

"Luke" I whispered.

"Louder" his eyes danced as he thrusted slowly.

"Luke!" I screamed, he smiled going faster. My back arched, as my nails went to his back.

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