Daughter of a Police Man

My name is Sadie Claire and I am 17 yrs old. My life sucks. I can't go anywhere like parties, hanging out with friends, ect. I'm always stuck in my house. I only have me , myself and I.


8. Sean?!?!




"Hey Sadie guess who's back??" Olivia ask me while Alisha and the boys talk among their self.

"Oh no who is it" I say pretending to be scared.

"Sean. I'm surprised you didn't know" she said.

I was so happy. He was my ex boyfriend he moved because his dad died and he had to go live with his mom back in England.

"REALLY?? Where is he??" I say looking around the lunch room.

"Who are y'all talking about" Alisha ask making the whole table turn to us.

I open my mouth but Olivia answers to fast for anything to come out.

"Sean." Olivia says happily.

"Oh yeah he asked about you today??" Alisha said looking over to where he was.

"Who is he??" Luke ask curiously.

I open my mouth to respond but Olivia beat me to it.

"Sadie's ex" Olivia say and I roll my eyes.

"He's my ex but he moved away" I say glaring at Olivia.

"So y'all didn't end on a bad note" Ashton said sounding sad.

"Nope" I say.

I look to my left and see Olivia and Michael talking. They would make a cute couple. I mean Olivia is really pretty. She has blue hair with purple tips. She a little sassy but really nice when you get to meet her. She has green eyes and a great humor also. Ashton also told me Michael likes dying his hair. He's also nice with a great humor. They're perfect for each other. I then start making a conversation with Alisha.

After lunch I went to my locker and got my books out. I snuck my phone to check the time also.

"Hey princess" I heard a deep voice.

"Sean" I say jumping on him.

"How are you" he ask when we pull away.

"I'm good. So why did you come back?" I ask beaming at him.

"Some issues with family that's all" he said.

"Well I'm glad you're back" I tell him.

"What class you have next??" He asks as we start to walk

"History" I say rolling my eyes.

"Same here" He says.

We then start walking to history.

When we walked and I saw Ashton and Calum.

"Hey guys this is Sean. Sean this is Ashton and Calum my friends" I say proud of them.

"Nice to meet you" Sean says.

"You too." They both say.

We all start talking until the teacher comes and start the lesson.

A/N Hey guys so I hope you liked this chapter and I should update on Christmas. We will see but Comment please. And bye peace.

Laila xx

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