Daughter of a Police Man

My name is Sadie Claire and I am 17 yrs old. My life sucks. I can't go anywhere like parties, hanging out with friends, ect. I'm always stuck in my house. I only have me , myself and I.


25. oh no

Sadie POV

After a while of driving around and deciding what we want, we finally came to Taco Bell. I ordered my usual and Graciee ordered hers. Once we got our food we went and sat down.

"How's school??" I ask her eating my nachos.

"Good I guess." She said shrugging

"Any boys??" I ask wiggling my eye brows.

"Well there is 1 boy that I like except he would never date me." She did looking down.

"I'm pretty sure he will. You're gorgeous any boy would be lucky to have you." I told her.

"Thanks" she said smiling.

"WelcomE" I say looking out the window.

"When are you gonna start dance again??" She ask me.

Oh I completely forgot about dance.

"OMG. I forgot it's my last year too. I think I might start next week. How's gymnastics??" I ask her.

"Good. I finally can do an Ariel." She said rolling her eyes.

"Finally it took you about a year." I told her.

"Yeah I know." She said.

We finished eating and got back in the car. We went through the Starbucks drive thru and got something to drink.

When we got to the house we saw dad's car in the drive thru. Oh no.

A/N so sorry it's short. I really not supposed to update today but I was kinda feeling happy/sad because I didn't get invited to a sleep over that I didn't know about. So I decided to make a chapter because I love making these for you so BYE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.

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