Daughter of a Police Man

My name is Sadie Claire and I am 17 yrs old. My life sucks. I can't go anywhere like parties, hanging out with friends, ect. I'm always stuck in my house. I only have me , myself and I.


3. New kids with the cool kids

A/N this may be very bad Idk but read for a cupcake.

Sadie POV

"Bye Sadie have a nice day." Gracie says walking to the other side of the buildings.

"You too bye" I say waving.

I must be early because there's only a few people. I'm popular at my school and everyone knows me but I'm not mean.

I go to my locker getting my books.I go to the office because I have new kid duty and I basically show new students around.

"Hi Ms.Brown do I have anyone to show around to do." I ask nicely while smiling.

"Actually you do 4 boys by the name Calum,Luke,Michael, and Ashton." She pauses

"They got kicked out of their old school for not showing up." She says rolling her eyes.

"Ok I'll be back in 5 mins" I say running to find Alisha who usually helps when I have more than 2 people.

"Hey Lis I finally get a license and also I need your help to show these 4 boys around." I say so quickly.

"Woah slow down and I'll help you I'll just go get my stuff out my locker I'll meet you in the office." She says walking away.

I say walking in the office to see 4 boys.

One with blonde hair, lip piercing, and blue eyes.

Another one with blacks hair that looks a little Asian.

One with Curly hair and a bandana also has hazel eyes.

There was another one with purple hair.

"Hi you must be Luke, Ashton, Michael and Calum." I say smiling.

"Yes you must be Sadie. I'm Ashton." Ashton says smirking

"I'm Luke" the blue eyed one says.

"I'm Calum and by the way I'm not Asian." The one I once thought was Asian said.

"I'm Michael." The purple haired one says.

"Well I'm my friend Alisha should be here soon." Right as I said that she was right there.

" Umm Alisha this is Michael,Calum, Luke and Aston." I say

"Hey I'm alisha" she says

" may we see your schedules." I say.

They hand them to us.

"Wow I have the exact se schedule as Ashton and Calum" I say smiling giving them there schedules.

"But for Michael I have 3 classes as you and Luke I have 2 classes as you." I say.

"Well atleast we will know somebody." Aston says smiling.

"Yeah I thought I would be lonely" Luke says.

"Well we should get going to your lockers." Alisha says.

"First lets go to Ashton's locker."Michael says.

"Ok" I say.

After showing them their locker I took Calum and Ashton to class and Alisha took Luke and Michael.


"Bye guys see you tommorow" I tell them.

"Bye" they all say.

I have to say they are the funniest people I ever met. I am really good friends with the now and they are really sweet.I even got their numbers.

Well anyways now I am at the driving place and getting ready.

"Good luck" my mom say as I get in the car.

"Thanks" I say

"Ok start the car and start driving"the lady says.

I did as told and I think I did very good by the end.

"You got it now you need to take the picture for your driver's licenses." The lady says.

I nod and go over to take the picture.

"Say cheese" the awkward man says.

I just smile and he take the pic.

"Now let's go buy a car" my mom says.

A/N Guys this is very rushed but what eves. Also here's your cupcake. Like and favorite for A CALUM!! Bye

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