Daughter of a Police Man

My name is Sadie Claire and I am 17 yrs old. My life sucks. I can't go anywhere like parties, hanging out with friends, ect. I'm always stuck in my house. I only have me , myself and I.


13. Morning

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Sadie POV

I woke up the next day not wanting to go to school but it's Friday. I really don't want to get up and face Luke and Ashton. Maybe Calum and Michael if they believe this lie too. I wonder if Ali (Alisha) and liv (Olivia) believe it too. I decide to call liv she really understanding.

Ring ring ring

"Hello" the sound of liv's voice said on the other side.

"Hey Liv. Did you hear about what Sean did to Ashton and Calum??" I ask her feeling mad just saying that.

"Yeah u don't know what to believe. Ali thinks it true. What do you think??" She asked me.

"I don't believe it. I can't believe those jerks would make that up anyways." I told her.

"Well we can talk about it later. I gotta go bye." She says hanging up.

I got up and did my normal routine. I was wearing a black have shirt that looked liked a bra. Also with a white high waisted skirt and red cardigan. My shoes were brown combat boots. A necklace that said 'Sadie Claire' and a side braid.

I went down stairs and ate cereal. Today didn't feel right. I didn't have Cocoa coming up to me and laying in my lap. I hope my new dog will be nice.

A/N I know this is short but I just wanted to post a extra chapter for 300 reads which is insane and all the wonderful people that comment are so nice. I love talking to you!! BYE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.

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