Daughter of a Police Man

My name is Sadie Claire and I am 17 yrs old. My life sucks. I can't go anywhere like parties, hanging out with friends, ect. I'm always stuck in my house. I only have me , myself and I.


4. Lamborghini

A/N WARNING this is short!!! But read it for a piece of pizza!! Also here's a CALUM!!

Sadie POV

I'm so excited to get a new car. My mom says I can get whatever I want.

I chose a Lamborghini. I know a lot of money but I convinced her. The only thing bad is it gonna take a week til it gets here. But Oh well.

Tonight we are going for some Japanese. We finally get to eat as a family. But this is to celebrate me getting a car.

I'm wear a white shirt that half way covers my booty (haha) some capris and some black combats. I also have eyeliner and lipstick on.

"Mom and Dad said to come on". Gracie says coming in my room.

"I'm coming I'm coming tell the to hold their lemons" I say clearly mad.

I hurry up and finish straightening my ombré hair.

Once I got down I gathered my stuff and head down. Since my parents are so cool, my sister and I got to sit in the front and they had to sit in the back.


I woke up from my alarm clock. I look at the time and saw 7;30. I got up and took a nice shower.

I put on my panties and bra then went to curl my hair with my wand. After that I got dressed in a Selfie shirt. Next I put on a skirt that came mid thighs also some tights that cover my feet.i also put on a silver flats and necklace.

I walked down stairs and hurried a grabbed a apple.

"Gracie LETS GO" I yelled.

I didn't have my mom take me since it's my walking day.

"Ugh. Why do we have to walk" my sister says getting mad.

"Just deal with it" I tell her.


"Hey Sadie I was wondering maybe you wanted to go to Starbucks with me." Ashton ask.

" just me and you??" I ask him.

"Umm yeah but you don't have to unmm I'll just go now.yeah I'll just go now." He says turning around.

"NO WAIT. I'll go out with you." I tell him.

He smiles "ok want to go now." He says.

"Wait I'll go. I have to wait on my sister to tell her I won't be coming home" I say pointing in the directing he hallway.

"Ok that's fine I have a sister name Lauren that on that hallway." He tells me.

"Really that's cool" I tell him.

"Yeah but she got checked out" he said.

"Oh well here's my sister" I tell him.

"Ready to go" Graciee says.

"Actually you have to walk home alone today. I'm going out with Ashton." I tell her.

"Oh ok but you need to be home by 6:00 we have guest coming over." She says while walking the other way.

"ALSO YOU DONT WANT DAD'S WORKERS COMING HUNTING YOU DOWN." She yells half way down the street.

"Sorry for that she's kinda weird." I tell him following to his car.

"It's fine." He says opening the car door for me and closing it then coming to my side.

"Ready?" He ask

"Yeah" I say

A/N I don't know if this is short or long but oh well.Here's your pizzas and also here's a MICHAEL

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