Daughter of a Police Man

My name is Sadie Claire and I am 17 yrs old. My life sucks. I can't go anywhere like parties, hanging out with friends, ect. I'm always stuck in my house. I only have me , myself and I.



Calum POV

When we went into the cafeteria Sadie went an sat by Luke. I was kinda upset since I like her and she gonna be soon mine.

She began sitting down and talking to him. I roll my eyes. Luke can't win and he won't. I look over to see Michael and Olivia making out. Really they just met last week.

"Can we have practice today??" Ashton asked.

"Sure why not tomorrow" Luke asked.

"A family dinner. I don't know where we are going but my mom wants us to have dinner with her friend's family." Ashton said.

"Wanna come watch Sadie" I ask looking over at her.

"I can't sorry." She said leaving it at that.

"Olivia??" I ask looking at Olivia.

"Sure." She says smiling.

"Where's Alisha??" Ashton ask looking around.

"Who cares" Sadie says annoyed.


When I got out of school I saw Sadie get in the car with Luke. What's up with that?? She could've asked me. I shook it off and walked to my car.

A/N I went ahead and updated cause I could tell I wasn't going to get any comments. Also I had a bad day so this got my mind off of things. Anyways please Comment,Like,and Favorite.

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