My Poems



1. Fear

      The toxic waste they spread throughout the cage. 

       Filled her lungs... so she can barely breathe. 


      She knows in a small part of her mind that she is alive,

             which haunts her down even more.


       Cuts reflect off of the shades that hide the sun from coming in.

       The blood is the signal for help...

                but all the hero's in the world are too busy with more important missions...

               like the rich people who need help deciding which outfit they should wear,

               Or the star lovers who need peace because they just had a breakup.

              Why should they matter more?

              Why is she caged?

              Will she ever escape?

              Will the radioactivity from the gas kill her?

              Why shouldn't she be afraid? Because she forgot how to.  Because she wants to die. 

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