My Poems



3. Bully

       My eyeliner drips down my face and onto my black long sleeved shirt. 

      My arms have been getting tired from holding this door shut.

      They bust the door open, launching me back against a wall.

      "Hey cry baby. I like that new look on you, fear." I bite my tongue, and swallow hard. My vision started to get a little blurry. All I saw was a group wearing masks put a cloth over my eyes.

They ripped my shirt sleeve, revealing the blood they saw in the bathroom...where they captured me. "Now everyone can see how pitiful you are.

I could still hear my music playing in my ears, BVB... but the sound started to fade out. "Were  not going to black you out, because we want you to feel humiliated when everyone see's you walking around like that." "Feel the pain inside this time.. freak." I heard the door slam, and took off the cloth they had tied to my head.

I ran out as quickly as I can, back to the bathroom. When I ran in I saw a group of prepped up girls. I ran out, as soon as they looked at the blood and rip in my sleeve. I rushed outside, and hid behind the school for the rest of the day. I couldn't go home... they would see the blood. I heard footsteps coming toward me, so I got up quickly, and bumped into the principle. After that, all I remember was I fell, and woke up in a hospital. 

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