My Poems



2. Ana

         She whispers in my ear, so that no one  else around can hear.

         She hides the food,        implying  "you don't deserve this".


         The mirror on my wall has been painted by her. 

         She bought me pills because nothing else will work. 

         I hide.

                   But she finds me.

        I cry.

                 Because it still hurts.

       I run.

               But she catches me.

     I cut.

              And she makes it deeper. 


I'm weaker by the day,

                                     So I tell myself Ana must not  stay.      

She overhears my thoughts,

                                     and I feel worse.

Maybe she should stay...

                                    just a little longer.

But she's getting worse at hiding...

                                    maybe I should just forget her. 

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