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3. Volleyball Feud

Chapter 2: Volleyball Feud


One Direction || Themselves {not famous}

5SOS || Themselves {not famous}


Jana's P.O.V

I played on my phone, waiting for Nikki and Maxi to come out of their next class. I was at free period, while they had Advanced Arts, with Zayn and his lads. The bell would ring any second, and I wanted to leave before Zayn came out with his friends. I can't be near those boys because of what happened last year. The reason why I can't be trusted when it comes to friends anymore. 

The bell rung, and almost everybody ran out the classrooms running to their next period. Maxi and Nikki walked out, laughing until they saw me on the bench, waiting, impatiently.

"Didn't think you would wait, or figure out our schedule." Maxi said, chuckling. 

Just as I was about to say something, The clique of 9 stupid boys walked past, every one of them smirking at me. I gave them the finger, before turning to Maxi and Nikki. 

"What was that about?" Nikki asked.

"I'll talk about it later," I said, getting my PE sweatsuit out. "Right now, I need to change, and so do you guys." 


Nikki's P.O.V

I walked out the bathroom in my sweatsuit, and had my bag in my hand. I hugged my curves, which is what I didn't like since Jana warned me about the boys she disliked. I walked to the gymnasium and sat down where Maxi was. 

"Hey." Maxi said, patting the spot next to her.

"Hey." I said, sitting next to her. 

I saw the legendary clique Jana was talking about earlier. All of them had the same smile when they walked past us. 

"Don't worry about them, they're jerks." Maxi whispered.

"I've heard," I whispered back. 

A couple minutes later, Jana came in with the volleyball in her hand wearing the Team Captain sweatsuit. Her hair was wrapped up in a bun, while everyone else was either pigtails or high ponytail. 

"How long has she been captain?" I asked.

"Since she won the 2011 championship as our first win." Maxi responded, "Boys love her." 

"Okay, anyone ready for some volleyball practice?" Jana asked, throwing the ball towards me.

I caught it, and stood up, throwing it back at her. 

"Okay, girls team captain is me, and boys team captain is.....whoever those morons decide." 

"Zayn." They all stated.

"Who's this Zayn guy? I've heard his name three times already and this making the fourth?" I asked Maxi.

"That's Jana's ex-boyfriend. They dated all last year until some big secrets were let out." Maxi answered. 

"Ex-boyfriend?" Jana asked, overhearing Maxi, "Who are you guys talking about? And who's ex-boyfriend?" 

"We're talking about you, and your ex-boyfriend, who's the boys volleyball captain." Maxi responded. 

"Boys vs. Girls as usual," Jana said, ignoring Maxi's comment. 

"Okay Malik, pick your boys. And I choose Nikki." Jana said.

"Okay. I choose Liam." Zayn said, with a smirk on his face. He's cute with that smirk. Shut up, Nikki. He dated Jana.

I stood next to Jana, and served the ball, making sure that the boys couldn't catch it, but it wasn't out of bounds either. Score 1: Girls

"That's not fair! We didn't catch it." Zayn whined.

"Yea, but it wasn't out of bounds either. So we get a point." Jana and I said in unison.

"Okay, Watson, since you want to play like that, I'll give you a serve." Zayn smirked.

He served, but I ran past Jana and caught it, letting out a 'humph' while at it. Zayn made a frown when I bounced the ball back to him, and he threw it back, but Jana caught it. She threw it in the air for me to catch, I caught it, throwing it back to her, and she spiked. The boys tried to block her, but Zayn was focused on me.

"Zayn! Pay attention!" Liam growled, once we scored another point. I winked at him and put a deuce up. 

Jana served the ball, and the real competition begun after Liam failed to catch the ball.

"I thought you guys were good." I said.

"Come on guys! You're off your game." Louis called from the benches.

Maxi's P.O.V

It was hilarious watching the girls kick Zayn and Liam's arses. I didn't know Nikki was good though, but I did know about the little chemistry between Zayn and Nikki. Before Zayn and Jana dated, Zayn barely looked at Jana. Now his eyes are all over Nikki. She spiked the ball, and hit Liam right on the head, making him fall down. That killed the whole victory feeling in her. That ball wasn't soft. 

"Liam!" Zayn exclaimed, rushing right to his aid. The ball didn't knock him out did it?

"Come on Maxine! Help out your ex." Calum said with a panicked expression, but he had a smirk on his face afterward. 

"I rather sit here and watch him rot." I fired back, honest. If it wasn't for Sophia, we would still be dating.

Speaking of the female grinch, she came running in.

"I heard Liam's name being shouted outside. Is he alright?" She asked, placing her hands all over his face.

"I think he's fine." I said, playing with my nails.

"Oh Maxine! Stop being selfish and come over here and help him." 

"Help him? Ha. So funny, yea you actually think i'm going to move a bone to help that thing out." I said, laughing to myself.

"If you don't like him you would move." Sophia shot.

"I don't like him, and i'm not moving. What a table turn!" I said in a shocked expression. 

"Max, you're pushing it." Zayn growled.

"I'm pushing it, by not moving? He's got all of you guys at his aid, pretty sure i'm not important." I said, glaring at them. Nikki was just standing there confused, not understanding this whole feud me and Jana had with Zayn, Sophia, and the others.

"What's going on? Max doesn't want to move, so what?" Nikki asked.

"She doesn't want to move because she's being stubborn." Sophia said, with a hand placed on her hip.

"Why the hell does it matter if I move? He has you guys. If you ask me, I think he should be laying on the bed in the nurse's office." I stated.

"Just drop it!" Jana shrieked. 

"I've watched this 10 minute feud for too long!" The gym teacher said, his face red, "If Ms. Lorenzio refuses to move, that's her decision, don't yell at her for it. Ms. Smith and Ms. Lorenzio to my office now. Tell Mr. Payne I want to see him when he wakes up." He said, making me and Sophia come to his office. 

I'm so dead because of Sophia freaking Smith.

Nikki's P.O.V

Jana fumed after PE, and I was trying to calm her down by reminding her of the Back to School dance.

"And who's going to ask me, Nikki?" Jana asked, her face red.

"I don't know. Just meet a guy, stay on his good side, and you have a date." 

"I wanted to go with Zayn." Jana whispered. Even after what he did? I'm not sure if I like him anymore. 

"I'm going to go check on Maxi." I said, "Just to see if she's in her dorm." 

"No. I want to explain what this whole feud is about since you're confused." Jana said.

"When I asked earlier, you screamed in my face, and now you want to discuss it?" I asked, raising an eyebrow, and crossing my arms across my chest.

"Yea, now I want to explain." Jana said, with the same look.

"Okay, then start talking." I said.

" last year......." She began.


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