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"I remember the times when you said we were fireproof."
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2. Olleydale Academy Day 1

Chapter 1: Olleydale Academy Day 1


Lily Collins || Nikita "Nikki" Watson 

Freya Mavor || Jana Lawrence

Phoebe Tonkin || Maxine "Maxi" Lorenzio 


Nikki's P.O.V {Couple months earlier from Prologue}

I fixed my uniform up, and reached for my OA backpack. So far I was loving this school. The cafe, the people I met, and it hasn't even been the first day of school. Jana linked arms with me after we walked out of our dorm. We clicked together instantly, and I could tell she was going to be my best friend

"Now, Mathematics Advanced is down that hall." Jana said, showing me the directions to my advanced class.

"Thanks Jana, see you in 3rd period." I said, as we went our separate ways. 

I walked in the classroom, and looked around. Nothing was set up, but on the board it said to take out our laptops and our iPads. I sat in the chair engraved with 'Nikita Watson' on it. Seven other names appeared under mine, I guess for other periods. A guy barged past me with his lads, who were hurrying to their seats. Jerks much? I thought to myself. A girl walked to the seat next to mine, and I saw 'Maxine Lorenzio' written on it. 

"Hi, i'm Maxi." She introduced.

"I'm Nikki." I introduced, shaking her hand.

We both gave each other smiled, getting our laptops out afterwards.

"This school is technology-based, so....everything is online." Maxi informed me. 

"Great, I love the internet." I said with a smirk on my face. Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, all at my hands.

Maxi chuckled. What did she find so funny?

"There is no Facebook, Tumblr, or Instagram. Those websites are locked." She stated.

"Um. Then what sites are available?" I asked, bummed out.

Just as Maxi was about to list them, the bell rung. A guy came running in, straight to the seat behind me. The same guys from earlier whistled at his arrival. Pack of animals much?

"You're funny, but you have to stop thinking out loud. Those thoughts could land you in trouble." Maxi said, getting on Microsoft Mathematics.

"I'm not worried." I replied, logging on to the same thing.

"Ms. Lorenzio and Ms. Watson, care to inform us of your conversation?" The teacher asked.

"I was telling her what website to get on because she got confused by all the home pages." Maxi lied.

"Very well," The teacher stated, turning around to do her work.

"That's Dickens. Her husband divorced her a year ago. Has been mean ever since," Maxi whispered.

"She still has her ring on." I whispered back.

"What does that tell you?" Maxi whispered/questioned, with a fresh smirk on her face.

Zayn's P.O.V

The bell rung, and we all stood up. The whole time the two girls in front of me were whispering the entire time, so I couldn't focus. I stood up to talk to one of them, but Liam stopped me.

"C'mon lad, Advanced Arts is next." He said, before running off. He memorized my schedule before I did.

"What's your next class?" The girl from in front of me asked her new friend.

"Um, Advanced Arts, yours?" She questioned.

"Mine too." The girl answered. Great, the two talkative besties.

I walked out of the classroom so I wouldn't be late to my next one. A girl bumped into me, and backed away.

"Oh i'm so- Zayn." She said, bitterly.

"Nice to see that we've met again, Jana." I smirked, saying her name with the same bitterness as before. Same shit, different day, as other people would say.

"Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve to have you in my life." She muttered, looking at me with pure hatred.

"Sometimes I wonder the same thing, babe." I said with a wink, before walking off.

"I wasn't done talking to you." Jana said, tugging my blazer.

"Oh, but I was done talking to you. All you ever say is hateful things to me anyways. Don't want to stick around for more, and you're going to make me late." I replied.

"You know I don't want to mess up my perfect attendance record either. But listen to me, Malik, I want no drama this year. Got it?" She asked, trying to intimidate me.

"Yea, sure, Lawrence." I said, since we were on last-name terms. 

"I'm not kidding, last year was enough for me. I'm done with you and your little 'lads'." Jana said, before walking off.

It's funny how she thinks she can pull that walk off. It never turned me on, so I don't see why she attempted it. I shrugged that thought off and walked off to Advanced Arts. 


Okay, so now you know how Jana and Zayn are around each other, xx. Next chapter will be focused on Nikki and Zayn, xx. How did you like the first official chapter? c: Sorry if it sucked because of the class part, but hopefully Zayn's P.O.V made it better c; Give me some CC, it's my first story. xD.

              ~Jaxy xx



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