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4. Flashbacks

Chapter 3: Flashbacks 


Flashback: Jana's P.O.V (Year ago)

I walked back to my dorm, and saw Zayn wink at me. I blushed, rolled my eyes, and ignored it when I saw Perrie pop up from behind him and give him a quick peck on the lips. I don't even know why I even thought the wink would mean anything. Getting myself together, I felt someone tug my arm back. The person whirled me around and I came into contact with those brown eyes.

"Hi, Jana." His minty breath said, and he had on a cheeky smile.

"Hey Zayn," I giggled, blushing by the fact that he would even talk to me.

"Wait." Nikki interrupted, not believing that I had a crush on Zayn.

"YOU out of all people liked ZAYN!?" She asked, eyes wide opened.

"Why do you think I hate the lad now?" I questioned.

"Flash to the date please." Nikki said, knowing that from our meeting that it was going to be a long story. Which it is.

"As you wish," I said, and started to describe my dress.

"Jana, you're panicking way too much, I mean, no matter what you put on, you'll look flawless." Maxi said.

"Thanks Maxi," I said, holding the black tight dress close to me. 

"He'll love it. Now let me style your hair." She said, sitting me down to the chair and she plugged in the curling iron. 

"How exactly are you going to style it?" I questioned.

"Let's just say, you'll look like Perrie. A beautiful little princess." Maxi responded.

"Hold up." Nikki said, looking at me with confusion.

"You know, people don't like it when they're storytelling and others interrupt." I said in an annoyed tone.

"Who's Perrie?" She questioned. 

"Perrie used to be Zayn's girlfriend. She left the school after-" I stop myself because of the load of drama about to come up, "Just let me tell the story." I said, irritated.

"Go on," Nikki said, wanting to know more.

"Thanks! I look so beautiful!" I exclaimed, hugging Maxi. 

"Now, all you need is a little makeup to make this guy fall head HEAD over heels for you." Maxi said with a smirk.

"Are you using me as a tease?" I questioned. 

"No. You're just trying to get Perrie out the picture." Maxi said, getting her red lipstick out, and her makeup kit.

"Whatever you're doing to me, don't do too much." I warned. I really wasn't a fan of makeup.

"AHAHAHAHA!" Nikki laughed uncontrollably.

"What?" I asked.

"You, not a fan of makeup? It's just so unbelievable." Nikki continued with her laughing after that, because i'm a huge fan of makeup now.

Letting some steam blow out of me, I said through my gritted teeth, 


"You look gorgeous tonight." Zayn smiled as he sat down. His smile was just so.....beautiful.

"Thanks, I have to admit that you look handsome." I flirted.

"Thank you very much, Ms. Jana." He smirked.

"So, what does Perrie have to say about this?" I asked, with a smile on my face.

"Who? Oh! Perrie. Oh she doesn't care. She's not my girlfriend anyways." Zayn said with a shrug.

"But I thought that you said Perrie was his girlfriend." Nikki said.

"I did. Just listen." I said with a forced smile.

"Then why do you guys have make-out sessions in class for everyone to see?" I asked.

"She's just bait. Other girls despise her, so she wants a reason for them to despise her even more." Zayn said, uneasily, looking like it was the dumbest idea or excuse he could ever hear.

"Sounds like the dumbest idea I've ever heard, if you ask me." I said under my breath. I quickly covered up with a smile and asked,

"How is it working out for her?" 

"Eh." Zayn said, "Sometimes she grows jealous over Liam and Danielle and tries to make Dani hate her even more." 

"Still stupid," I stated.

"Yea. But it's a competition between all the girlfriends. Danielle, Eleanor, her, and Aaliyah, oh, and Kendall." 

"Who's Danielle, Eleanor, Aaliyah, and Kendall?" Nikki asked.

"The girlfriends of 2012." I stated. "Aaliyah paired off with Niall, Kendall was set up with Harry, Eleanor was with Louis until she transferred with Perrie, and Dani is Liam's ex. He cheated on her with Sophia." I said.

"Back to the story please. Curfew is soon, and this story is too long." I said.

"Just skip to the drama." 

"Okay." I said, "As you request."

"Hey guys!" Zayn said with his arm around my waist. He gave me a peck on my cheek and reassured me, "They'll love you." 

"This is my girlfriend, Jana." The way he said 'Jana'. He said it with such enthusiasm.

"Jana. As in Jana Lawrence?" Kendall asked, rolling her eyes a bit.

"And you mean Kendall? As in a relative to the fake Kardashian/Jenner family?" I mimicked, pissing Kendall off. Well, that was strike 1 with her, but everyone else laughed.

"I'm Perrie." Perrie herself stated. When we were paired for a Science project, she didn't even want to speak to me because I was a 'nerd', but now that i'm Zayn's girlfriend, she wants to enjoy my company.

"I'm Liam. This is Danielle, Sophia, Harry, Lou, Niall, Aaliyah, and Eleanor. You've met Kenny." Liam said. They all waved at me and smiled.

"She's quite fit." Harry said, earning a nudge in the shoulder from Kendall, who was just coming downstairs.

"Yea. Quite 'fit'." Kendall said, with a smirk.

"Not seeing any drama here," Nikki said, getting bored.

"Listen!" I screamed. "Do you want to know where this leads up to, or not." I asked.

"I do, proceed." Nikki said, looking down.

"Can me and Jana have a word?" Perrie asked. Why would she want to talk to me? 

"Uhm, sure?" I asked, uncertain.

"Privately." Perrie said, shooting everyone the look to leave.

"I'll see you in a minute babe," Zayn said, kissing the top of my head before going upstairs. I saw Perrie glare his way as he went upstairs. Thought there were no strings attached

"Okay. I'm well-known as Zayn Malik's beautiful, popular, cheerleader girlfriend. And to have a threat like you, a Perrie 'wannabe' is not on my menu. I mean look at you," Perrie said, walking closer to me, her heels clacking on the floor, "Your blonde hair, same length as mine. Your blue eyes....." Perrie trailed. 

"Listen. Don't be mad because you're played out!" I exclaimed, hearing a whistle at the top of the stairs. I heard a whisper saying "Harry! Quiet." from upstairs also, but I ignored it.

"I'm not played out. If anything, last thing I checked, I was the popular, cheerleader girl. I'm not living in the shadows." 

"I'm going to pretend that your opinion matters, Perrie. Get this: At least i'm a real girlfriend. I wear clothes that actually cover my bum. When you buy a full body dress, then talk to me. Because apparently, you may be a cheerleader, but not a proper one. And last time I checked, I was the popular volleyball player with actual meaning in her life." I shot back.

Perrie sighed in defeat, "You know what Jana? I know something about your own little damn 'real' boyfriend." She chuckled.

"And what may that be?" I asked.

"Curfew everyone!" The headmistress announced. 

Nikki and I sighed in frustration.

"Could you at least tell me the secret?" Nikki asked curiously.

"I uh- I forget." I lied. I didn't want Nikki knowing yet, until I could fully trust her. Plus, she's trying to process everything that's happened so far.

"Does this involve why you hate Zayn so much?" Nikki asked.

"It's only the start." I muttered.


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