"You could live a hundred lifetimes and not deserve him, you know."


1. The 50th hunger games.

I thought that I would make it through. I didn't expect to be reaped. But I was. 

I was just another boy from district twelve at the time. I knew very few things at the time. But, there was one thing I did know. That Snow was getting out of hand. 

Snow wasn't too terribly old when I was a kid. But he was still just as evil and dangerous. 

The quarter quell announced that 4 people from each district were going to be reaped. I now was 2 times as likely to be reaped, but still not very. 

A tall capitol woman with gold hair came out. 

"Welcome to the annual hunger games reaping. As usual, ladies first!"

she says, pulling out the paper for the first girls name. 

"Maysilee Donnor"

she says. 

my heart stops. I wish it wasn't her. I think to vollenteer, but I can't. All I can do is hope that someone vollenteers for her. 

Maysilee walks up shyly onto the stage. She's only 15. I didn't think she'd survive. 

I look into her eyes, and know she is about to burst into tears, but she somehow holds it in. 

I'm not paying attention to the second girl tribute who was reaped, but I see her. She is very young. Hopefully she'll go fast. 

"And for the male tributes for the 50th hunger games."

Says the capitol woman. 

"Haymitch Abernathy"

says the woman. 

What? I had 2 out of about 100 chances to be reaped, but I'm still reaped. 

I walk onto the stage. I try to avoid looking at my Mom, or my brother. 

Another boy is reaped, but I don't pay attention, because Maysilee is clutching my hand under the microphone. 

"And that concludes the reaping for the annual hunger games."

says the capitol woman, and we are taken away to the back room to say goodbye. 

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