The Quest for the Lady of the Roses

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  • Published: 29 Nov 2014
  • Updated: 29 Nov 2014
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(NOTE: I wrote this two years ago for a school project. It's pretty terrible because I wrote it all the night before it was due.) Medieval Romance in which a girl leaves home, a wizard makes a deal, and a prince finds true love.


5. The Woman


The woman knew she needed to make it to the midwife’s before she gave birth.  She and her baby wouldn’t be able to stand a chance alone in weather like this.  If only her husband had been home when her water broke, he could have traveled with her and kept them safe.  He had not been home though, for he was in the village trading everything they had for whatever food he could find.  After he sold their property, they planned to move out into the countryside.  There they would start their new life.  The man would hunt for the food they needed.  Perhaps one day these disasters would end and they could farm again.  As for right now, the parents just wanted a place to raise their new child, where even the thieving eyes of their neighbors could not find them.  He had already built their house.  It had taken eight weeks to single-handedly build the one room shed.  He had only worked during the nights so the townspeople wouldn’t know what he was up to.  The building may have been small, but it would do very nicely for what the family needed from it. 

The woman had been there, at this said house, moving the few items they had decided to keep, when her contractions started.  She had known she would not reach her husband in time because he was in the marketplace.  She had set off for the midwife’s by herself.  Unfortunately, the midwife was on the outermost edge of the kingdom, so it took nearly as long to get there then to her husband.  The pain in her midsection told her she did not have that much time.  She knew if she didn’t make it to the midwife’s house and she gave birth in the wild, crazed animals would kill them before any other humans would even cross their paths.  She was in the middle of nowhere with no one around to help her.  Suddenly, making a home in seclusion didn’t seem like such a good idea.


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