The Quest for the Lady of the Roses

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  • Published: 29 Nov 2014
  • Updated: 29 Nov 2014
  • Status: Complete
(NOTE: I wrote this two years ago for a school project. It's pretty terrible because I wrote it all the night before it was due.) Medieval Romance in which a girl leaves home, a wizard makes a deal, and a prince finds true love.


3. The Woman


A cloaked woman headed out into the great forest.  The rain was coming down by the bucket load and big gusts of wind were forcing it right in her face.  It took all the strength she had left just to keeping walking forward.  Another whip of air came at her, threatening to push her over.  As she went, she tripped over her own foot and crashed down into the mud.  She barely had time to stick out her hands to brace herself for the fall.  There was a sharp tug in her lower abdomen.  She collapsed onto her back in agony.  Around her, the raindrops were falling into puddles with large splashes and the trees complained loudly to the roaring wind.  Yet in her head was silence.  All she could sense was pain.  She was scared, but not for herself.  She feared her beloved was dying.  Focussing on the love she had, the bond that had already been created, she gripped her bulging stomach and slowly regained her balance. The baby inside her kicked against her.  Her pain was so excruciating that she couldn’t see straight.  Somehow, she was able to take a step, and then another, as she continued on her journey. 


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