Sent From Down Below

What if you committed a murder and didn't even get convicted for it? Or even not even know it was you? When Mirela Valentina starts seeing her enemies die one after another and watch her loved ones be put in handcuffs she starts to shut everyone out. Until she meets Derek Henriches the boy who won't stay away. Mirela strangely falls for him yet he never commits a murder like all her loved ones.... but why?


1. Darkness

Mirela's POV

I was walking to school on a rainy Monday morning with my best friend Bethany... great.   My long brown hair was flying everywhere as the wind blew while Bethany's shoulder length blonde hair was neatly tied in a pony tail.  As we approach the school we see Angela Abasolo get out of her mom's car.  God I hated her and she knew it.  She was the popular type, all about what you wear and nothing about who you are.  She was wearing black leggings, combat boots, a TNA coat and a pound of makeup on her face.  Not that me and Bethany don't wear makeup... we just don't wear that much.  Bethany would always use mascara to outline her beautiful blue eyes and I use a thin line of eyeliner to outline my brown ones.   Back in 6th grade Angela and I used to actually be friends... until she back stabbed me and ruined my middle school years... long story.  But in return I met Bethany in 9th grade... the most loyal, caring, kind friend I could've asked for.  We've only been friends for 2 years so it isn't like those long friendships from kindergarten but hey this is reality.  But time doesn't measure anything... me and Bethany are close as ever and I know she'd do anything for me.  


I enter the school and go to my first class, Business and Bethany and I part as she makes her way to Chemistry.  After 2 hours of learning and 2 classes I'm starving and thankful it's lunch time.  I make my way to the cafeteria when I'm stopped by a huge crowd, yellow caution tap, and the sound of sirens from the police cars outside.  Everyone's so confused and by instinct I look for Bethany in the crowd.  But instead I find her getting into a police car with handcuffs around her hands.  I catch a view between heads down on the cafeteria floor where I see Angela Abasolo's body lifeless with a knife in her chest and blood everywhere.  I was shocked... unable to connect the dots between Bethany and Angela Abasolo.

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