The Real Life

It is about a girl who reveals all about what people at her school are really like, In the real world.


1. unleashing

      It’s funny that I’m in the 7th grade and I still don’t know if I have any real friends. And on top of that my parents don’t listen and they don’t let me have a life. Basically I come to school every day and try to impress people or try to get noticed without knowing that is what I’m doing. I hear all the time to be yourself and don’t care about what others think. But what does everyone mean by be yourself? It’s kind of hard to do that. At one point you think you have all these friends but if you do one thing wrong just one thing, they judge you or stop being you friend. Another thing I don’t understand is if you have a group of friends with like 10 people in it why is it that the people in the group are so two faced and don’t even like each other to begin with. I used to think there was no such thing as popularity but I was wrong. There is always that one person in your school that does stupid thing like falling on the ground or making loud noises just to get attention. Then there are others like that one person but they are low key about it. School can take over your life you might think differently about this but I’m right. It can change the way you dress or the way you act towards others. I don’t know how to solve my problem do I want lots of fake friends and “popularity” or do I want 2 or 3 real friends. I will always choose real friends over “popularity”. Oh I never thought about it before but I don’t think I've ever had a best friend.

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