The Curiosity Of Secrets

May's life starts getting adventurous when she sets of to find her mother. But after living on her own on a island for a year, she has to piece together the clues to find her mum, but she realizes that life is very different in the city.


3. The Secret Letter

It's morning and I'm collecting sticks and leaves and old coconut shells to spell out the S.O.S. I only have a day till the helicopter comes. A day. On one hand, I've only got to put up with this wretched island for one day and I can go to a place with proper food, finally find my family and have a proper house. On the other hand, I only have a day left to enjoy this island full of memories. One single day. I'm going to really miss this place. But I have missed my mum more.

I can still feel her slight kisses on my cheeks but not the same as I used to. I would give anything to see my mum's beautiful sparkling eyes again, the eyes that my father fell in love with, and that I miss. I want to hear her say my name with her voice full of joy and happiness and regret that she left me. I want to smell the food that she cooked each night once again. I just want a hug. I just want a kiss. I want to see another living person other than my own rippling reflection in the sea. I feel so isolated sometimes like I just want to go beyond the edges of my island and... Break free. I need to...Otherwise I may go mad.


The 'S' is almost finished, I have to make it really big for the helicopter to notice it. Most of my waste seems to wash away with the tide, so I don't have as much to use as you would think. So to get a bit more to work with, I start turfing through my old stuff that I keep safe in my large ancient wooden treasure chest. In here is filled with emergency food, extra clothes, essentials like toothbrushes and sponges that I still managed to savor and my mums old stuff. I wouldn't really use any of that stuff to put in the SOS but I keep large rocks at the bottom of the chest so I thought I'd use them. I keep them there because they are very useful for certain things like cutting boards and seats (obviously I label them...ew). Keeping them in the chest prevents them from sinking in the sand or getting washed by in the tide.

I start taking out the sponges and dirty clothes and I pile them on top of each other till I get to the rocks. I take out one of the large rocks and heave it up and out the chest. Reaching for another rock, I spot something. In place of the rock I took out, laying flat on the bottom of the chest was an envelope. I definitely don't remember putting an envelope there. At first I just thought it could be something that dropped to the bottom, but then I turn it over. It said 'Maya' in posh swirly writing, written with ink.

Suddenly my mind goes bonkers with a rush of a million thoughts going round in my head of who it could be from. It could be from a pirate or five year old me talking to my future self or some money or even from my parents. I reach for it, constantly telling myself that it won't be anything exiting and that I shouldn't get my hopes up. As I break the seal, I suddenly go clueless as to what it could be. Inside I see a wrinkly bit of paper, with a few faint markings, I take it fully out the envelope, unfold it and I can just about see that it's a map. I look back at the envelope and I see that there is also another piece of paper inside. I unfold the second bit of paper. It was a letter. It read...

My Dearest Daughter, I am sorry that I have to go find your father. You know how much we both miss him, it just felt the right time to go on a real adventure. Do look after your grandmother, she loves you very much, as do I, and no matter how long I am gone, just remember, I have never left you. The ones you love never really go. They all hold a special place in your heart. You hold a very special place in mine. Stay safe, but don't be afraid to leave the island. Your life is a story, those who do not travel do not turn the pages, so write your own story and go on an adventure. I love you with all my heart,

Stay curious,

Mum x

I stood there for a while, just staring at it. Reading every word again in her voice. I see some darker spots on the paper, her tears had stained the paper as she was writing. I pictured her writing her goodbye letter, shedding quiet tears as to not wake me. I start to cry.

Not wanting to tear stain the pages anymore, I fold up the letter. Me and my mother cry quietly together in my head. I picture my mum sitting next to me, forcing a smile while her face was covered in tears. We are just about to hug each other when.. We stop. We seem to just stop and stare at one another with tearful wide eyes. We both know that trying to hug is useless. She can't see me, I can't see her. She's not there, I'm not there. We still stare at each other, knowingly.

"If you really want to hug me," my mum said "then why don't you come?"

"Come? Come where?" I cry. "What do you mean?"

She disappears.

"Mum no don't go! I miss you Mummy!"

I feel like a cry baby as I burst into tears. I try to not think about her and as I wipe away the never-ending tears I try to think about the letter. My Mum was always clever with words, as if each one she said or wrote had a secret meaning.

And then I realize what that whole letter was saying.

I looked at what each sentence meant. 'Those who do not travel do not turn the pages' Is she telling me to go and find her? 'Go on an adventure' She is! I knew it! I've been waiting for my mum to come to me but all this time, she was the one waiting for me!

Time to go on an adventure...

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