The Curiosity Of Secrets

May's life starts getting adventurous when she sets of to find her mother. But after living on her own on a island for a year, she has to piece together the clues to find her mum, but she realizes that life is very different in the city.


4. The Plan.

I fold up the letter and put it in my pocket, along with the map. Trying to process what just happened. I close the lid of the chest and walk back to my S.O.S. Sign, well, more like an S sign at the moment. I can follow the map later, I just have to finish the SOS sign before the helicopter passes over my head. I gather all the old used coconut and shells and after about an hour, which felt like a day, it was finally finished.

Now, I wait.

My mind starts trailing off in day dreams and thoughts.

When I was three or four, my Mum told me that if I was ever stranded or needed help in a busy or big place such as an island, I should shout, and spell out SOS. That night I had dreams about me being stranded with out my mum, or losing my dad. I thought how horrible it would be without my mums goodnight kisses and my dads morning hugs. Now I'm living completely by myself. All alone. No goodnight kisses or morning hugs, just me, and my island.

I wait some more.

Every now and then I'd hear a flicker of a helicopter pass in the distance when it was just some coconuts thudding to the ground. A gust of wind flies past my ear and my head shots up with eyes on the sky like a meerkat popping up from the ground. I catch a glimpse of something in the sky but it disappears behind clouds. My brain says 'hey, you just lost your ticket to happiness' when it was really just a seagull.

I wait some more.

I start to fear the worst.

Have I got the wrong day? Have I already missed it? Did it crash? Is it the wrong day? Has the pilot died? It's not going to come! If it's not going to come then I can't get off this island! If I can't get off this island then I can't ever see my mum again! If I can't see my mum again then I am forever alone! If I am alone then I die alone! If I die alone then...

I stop myself. Calm down. Just be patient.

I wait some more.

I heard a few coconuts falling. They fell continuously one after the other, turning into a lot of coconuts falling. Chudder chudder chudder... I looked up and I realised, it wasn't coconuts. I waved my hands manically like I was trying to fly. It was my ticket home. "Help!" I scream "please! I'm stranded!" The helicopter came closer. I scream more as the helicopter becomes so loud I can't hear my own screams. The louder it became, the more I looked like a distressed penguin (not that I know what that really looks like) I flapped my arms up and down jumping higher and higher into the air. The helicopter flies closer. I see it clearly now. It's more than a speck in the sky. It was really big, a dark army green with two propellers. The noise became deafening. "Help!" I shout as the helicopter hovers above my head. It hovers there. It just hovers. It is staying there above my head for a long time. I shout help again for no reason. But just at that moment, the helicopters door swings open. A head pops out of it. The face looked worried. It's eyes found me and he shouted something. I couldn't hear quite what it was. "I can't hear you!" The face disappeared into the helicopter again. Next I was hoping that he would lower down a ladder. I waited some more. No ladder. The door shut. The dark green helicopter flew away. Getting smaller and smaller into the distance. "Wait" I scream "Please" I fall on my knees and I burst out crying, knowing I will stay on this island forever.

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