The Curiosity Of Secrets

May's life starts getting adventurous when she sets of to find her mother. But after living on her own on a island for a year, she has to piece together the clues to find her mum, but she realizes that life is very different in the city.


2. Spoilt Rotten

I sat on the shore of my island, I got a shiver down my spine every time the tide touched my toes, and my feet sank into the soft wet sand. I gazed at the horizon as the sun slowly falls into the sea. The wind whistled through my hair as I wished more than anything that my mum would come sailing towards me. I caught a glimpse of a small fishing boat below the horizon. As it comes closer, I saw it was a red rowing boat. I saw somebody rowing rapidly with tiny ores. I stared at it more and more. Nobody sails round here, nobody. I didn't take my eyes off of the boat as I got up off the shore and slowly walk into the sea. It couldn't be. After all this time? I started running towards it and when I couldn't run I swam and the closer I got to it the faster I got. I swam and swam till I felt like the person in the boat could hear me. I could hear her. She's saying my name! She's calling my name! I recognized her soothing voice. It was the voice that sung me to sleep at night. It was the voice that I had been missing, all this time. "Mum!", I gurgle, "Mummy!" as I reached out to touch the side of the wooden boat. A hand came towards me and I get up onto the boat. I saw my mums glowing smile and red cheeks. I stretched my arms out to hug her...

But my arms went right through her.

My mum's smile faded.

The boat disappeared, as if dissolving in the water.

I found myself on the shore, getting lost in my thoughts and hopes. It was just my imagination running wild again. For a moment there, even I thought it was real. Every day I stare at the shore, just hoping to catch a glimpse of a boat coming towards me. It never happens. I don't think that image will ever be real.

By the time I had finished day dreaming, it was almost dark, so I walked back to my 'house'. I say 'house' because it's easier for you to understand that way, but it's just lots of sticks with a roof made of leaves and moss so I can only just fit in. I sleep there in the winter. In the summer I sleep on my hammock, which is much more spacious than this pile of sticks.

I wasn't always living this way. When my mum and my gramma lived here, a boat used to sail from far away to this island, and we got well needed everyday supplies, just like you have in your home. Food, clean water, snacks, cooking equipment, building materials, pillows, books, pens, computers, and duvet covers. Yes, you could even say we were spoilt. But soon after my grandma died, I couldn't afford for the boat to come anymore, so all I have now is dirty bed covers. And things slowly ran out. All I have now is a bowl, a couple of pens, spoons and this diary.


I climbed inside my luxurious pile of sticks and I got into my cosy muddy covers that blended into the mud and sticks. I truly have a colour scheme for this house. The mud brown and the moss green really give it that earthy look. My luxuriously calming lamp (a jar of half dead fireflies) just magically finishes it off. It just gives a whole new meaning of spoilt rotten.

I was being sarcastic. Just trying to sound positive about this dump I live in but I don't think it's working.

We used to have a house. A proper one like you would have.

I hate this place. I mean it's nice having my very own island away from everything, don't get me wrong, but to be honest, I'm really lonely. I sound selfish because all I talk about is me but that's all I have. Just me, memories of my mum and this island. And nobody else to talk to.

That night, just as a bit of moss from my roof fell into my eye, I came up with a cunning plan to get me right off this lonely place, surrounded by the sea. Yes, soon I will be surrounded by friends, real ones. Actual real people to talk to and have actual real conversations with. Actual real buildings with actual real computers.

But I hear you, "how the hell am I going to find my long lost mum when I don't know where she is and when I'm in the middle of nowhere with no money and nobody all alone and no transport...?"

Well, here's my plan, but it's top secret, so do me a favour and just look around you to see if anyone is reading this, just check over your shoulders now just in case there is a top secret spy from M.I.5 or your dad peeping over, ready to steal my top secret plan. Ok, anyone? No? Good. Let's get down to business. Now, every Wednesday a dark blue helicopter flies over the island. I will get their attention by writing S.O.S in big letters in anything I can find. The helicopter flies down, I get it, I tell him I want to find my mum while using my dramatic skills, I find my mum, I find my dad, and we live happily ever after together.


Anyone got a map?

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