The Curiosity Of Secrets

May's life starts getting adventurous when she sets of to find her mother. But after living on her own on a island for a year, she has to piece together the clues to find her mum, but she realizes that life is very different in the city.


1. Prologue

What I find beautiful about people, is not to do with how they look or how they dress, but the curiosity they hold. Curiosity is a beautiful thing. It makes you wonder. Gives you inspiration. Motivates you to do things. The curiosity of a person defines who they are, who they really are. Always be curious and full of wonder.

That was what my mum said to me before she left to find my dad. He's away...


But now I live alone. My mum thinks I'm staying with my grandmother but she passed away not long after she left and there is no way to contact her.

She's far away on another island, she said I must stay here until she returns but she's been an entire year now. I've been living on my own on a strange island all this time, and I haven't seen a real person all this time. I haven't eaten anything apart from vegetables that I've grown myself, bugs, small animals and whatever I could invent to eat, all this time. I've been trying to make this small island feel like home, all this time. And yet, I haven't set a foot outside of this island, all of this time.

Today is the day I change that.

I'm sorry if your into all this dramatic stuff, but I'm just going to go straight to the point. I'm writing in here to share my adventures. I'm going to find my mum, and this diary is coming with me every step of the way.

Adventuring is not something I do often, but I've always wanted too, and now is my chance to go on one.

One of the ways I would keep entertained, would be to come up with stories in my head, and then act them out as if I was in a movie. I'll admit, I did look a bit like I was mental or something, but as you can imagine, staying on an island on my own for 351 days does make you a bit crazy up in the mind.

351. The number of days without a hug, a kiss or a proper meal. I miss my mum more and more each and every day. It's got to a point where I have to go and find her. I have no idea were she is. But I know I will find her because of one thing.

I'm curious.

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