The Curiosity Of Secrets

May's life starts getting adventurous when she sets of to find her mother. But after living on her own on a island for a year, she has to piece together the clues to find her mum, but she realizes that life is very different in the city.


5. Frigging Rocks

Gone. Just gone. My hope flew away. No more happy family for me. That was never going to happen. I don't get my happy ending. It just wasn't meant to be. I'm sorry mum, I tried.

I cry slowly, on my knees. I go all dramatic but I can't help it. I'm part angry at the helicopter pilot, for not rescuing me. I'm also a little happy that I don't have to leave this island. Then I'm angry at myself again because I shouldn't feel sad if I had chance of seeing my mum again. I should be sad. But I am... But I'm not.

No. I have to suck it up and do whatever I can to get to my mum. Ok, plan B... Wait some more? It's only a week right? No. I need to get there now, besides, what if it doesn't stop like this time? I need a another way to find my family...

Then it hits me.

I suddenly feel so stupid.

The letter! The map! How could I forget?

So I take out my map from my back pocket and unfold it. Even if this doesn't give me a clue, at least It gives me something to do while I figure it out.

I look at the map. It was old looking and crinkled. It looked like it had been hand drawn in coloured ink. My mum had written it for me. It was definitely a map of the island. The start point was at the house.

The house wasn't really a house. The island was our home. The house was really just a brick room. Like being in a freezer in the winter and a sauna in the summer. It was where all of us slept when the whole family was here. Dads bed had been converted into a sofa, but he was always particular about no one sitting on his bed, so none of us really sat there. It just reminded us that he wasn't here anymore. There was another reason I don't go in the house anymore.

I was always afraid of going anywhere near the house ever since grandma died. When she did pass away, I had no idea what to do with the body so I just let it stay there. I put a blanket over her and her rocking chair and never went in there again. That's why I live in a pile of moldy sticks.

I go there anyway, and follow the map. It was a red dotted line from the house to the big X. I follow it exactly, round all the coconut trees and over the rocks. Up the sand dunes and down without falling over from going too fast. I start to wonder what it could lead too. Treasure? No, my mum was a practical and not wealthy person. It wouldn't lead to anything like jewels or gold. Another letter from my mum? Maybe even some secrets! And you know how curious I am about secrets.

I'm near the X now. I tell myself not to get too exited otherwise I could be disappointed.

I walk a bit further, not looking where I'm going and I almost bump into a coconut tree. I end up stopping between two coconut trees and surrounded my a different sized rocks. Here. I think this is it, so use my common sense and start digging. I'm just glad that I'm on my own, I was digging like I couldn't find my nuts for winter, or the dog bone I buried. I was getting quite excited until...

My nails hit something. I start digging around it, as if I was an archeologist digging up precious bones from years ago. It was really heavy, but with all my might, I hauled it up from beneath the ground on to the warm sand. Your probably wondering what it was. "What was it?" I ask myself. "What is it?" I say again, frustrated. It's another frigging ROCK! I pick up another on of those frigging rocks and bounce it across the frigging ground and pound my frigging fist against the frigging hot sand. With my head in my hands I sit with my legs dangling over the hole I just dug and try to calm myself down.

Once I calmed my frigging self down I decide to give up and just go find her. I stand up, pick up my map and walk up to the SOS sign to finish it off, when...

Oof! Suddenly I'm face flat on the ground with a mouth full of warm gritty sand and a throbbing toe. I blink, trying to figure out what just happened. I look down at my throbbing toe and I see I had tripped over some splintering wood that was spiking out of the ground near the hole I just dug. I start curiously digging around it, this thing was big. Bigger than the frigging rock, how did I miss this? It was much deeper in the ground than I thought, so I guess it was just patience that got me. But not this time.

Once I had got the surface of it uncovered by sand, I had I good idea what it was. Once again I hauled it out of its little hiding place it had for a year. I managed to get it full out in the open. Of course. It all makes sense now. It was a small, wooden, comfortable looking two man rowing boat. If she wants me to leave the island by boat, then I will, let's go to on an adventure.

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