Love is power !

This is your typical boy meets girl, girl falls for boy and boy loves girl back. But when Auturm meets winter the life she once lived everyday changes for he better...


1. Life before

BEEP! BEEP! It was a typical school day hey I'm autumn and my life it well, average and the only excitment I have is my every saturady slumber party at my best friend of all times house. her name is summer I guess that's why we became friends, because autumn always changes summer. Anyway it was normal today I was grumpy it was Monday and school was waiting to ruin my day. 5 day that's it... And with that thought I slammed te snooze button on my alarm clock.

i woke up to the all to fimilure sound of my alarm clock. I sat up and pressed the snooze button "yawn" my eyes sudennly widened at te glimps of the time "omg I have 20 minuets, IM GONNA LATE!" I shot out of bed and started to do my make up I don't wear much makeup, just a bit of lipgloss, mascara, foundation, eyeshadow and eyeliner... Well maybe a bit more then a little. I decided on blue today so I did my eyes a nice Aqua blue and scrapped my red hair back into a pony tail, I knew I could of tryed abit more but here was no time. I ran into my bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face with water and soap, as I was walking to my wardrobe I heared my mum shout "want a lift" I knew there was no chance of catching my usual 8:40 bus and answer "yeah thanks mum be right down" I decided on a matching pultfit to my makeup and ended up wearing my Aqua blue long dress that clung to my figure and a demin jacket I slipped on my white converse and shot down stairs. I looked at the clock and decided my strong craving for blueberry waffles was not going to be met and settled on a piece of toast. My mum walke in and said "up late again, well one of these days you'll learn" I couldent think of a come back because she was right to be honest I never wake up on time and I am late for almost everything so I just smiled my best sarcastic smile and passed her keys to her. I grabbed my bag and walked out the door to wait in the car. My mums phone rang and she stuck up her finger to tell me 1 minuet, so I just nodded



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