Abby is a senior in high school. She is the captain of the soccer, basketball, and volleyball team which makes her pretty popular. She's been keeping one secret for the past 3 years. Before she moved to London, she was THE Louis Thomlinson's best friends. but the lost contact. He forgot all about her. What happens when the boys of One Direction come to her school to finish their senior year?


2. Zayn's the good one

Zayn's POV


I saw the car in front of me slide into the ditch. I saw the door break open and a girl, who looks kinda familiar, fall out. I pull my car over and park it so I can get out as fast as possible. I rush towards the girl who is now lying on the ground with her eyes closed. Wait, that's the girl who snapped at Louis today. Even though she was completely rude today, I need to help her. I rush up to her and grab her. I open the door to my convertable, put her in, and start to drive to my flat. I carry her into my room once we get there and lay her down on my bed. I debate on whether calling the boys and telling them to come over or not.

I walk downstairs to my recording booth and start practicing the boys and my new song 'Steal My Girl'. The boys are coming over later to record it and we'll find some computer whiz to help us make a video. I hear footsteps coming from upstairs and immediatly know that it's the girl. I wonder if she'll recognize me? I hope not. I don't want her to think that just because I was with Louis, I'm rude like Louis was being. She walks down the stairs, looking around confused. She looks down the second flight of stairs and sees me. "Zayn?" I walk up to her so We are inches apart and now, she is looking up at me. I give her a smile. "In the flesh" I say with a proud look on my face.

"What is going on, and why am I in this mansion?" She asked me, still looking around confused. I turn around so my back is to her. "You got into a car accident so I picked you up and brought you here. Welcome to my humble home!" I say still with the signature Zayn smile spread across my face. I just realized something. This girll has been in my house for over an hour and I still don't know her name. How do I ask her without her thinking I'm a crazy stalker? "So," I begin, "You obviously know me. What's your name?" She looked at me a little bit nervously. "My names Abby." I ask her if she wanted to hang out here and get to know eachother for a few more hours. She says yes! I try to act cool but inside I am very happy. I don't know anybody besides the boys who want to get to know me for me. I don't even think she knows I'm famous.

Abby's POV


Yes I know he's famous. But I really don't care about that. He was the only one of the five boys who didn't say something hurtful or give me dirty looks today. He actually sorta looked like he cared. We were playing 20 questions right now and he was starting for questions now. "Whats your full name?" "Abby Rose Firgo" "Who do you live with?" "My mom, brother, and dog" "Are you popular?" "yes" "What are your hobbies?" "Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Writing, Editing, Computer works, and I love to dance and sing" "Okay. Did you and Louis know eachother before today?" I stare at him shocked. No, I want to say, but I know that I should be honest with him so instead I say "Yes. We were best friends." He's the one that looks shocked now. I know what he was going to ask next. "What happened?" he asked. Told you.

I told him the story about the time that Louis left for the X-Factor and never said goodbye or tried to contact me. And now he forgot all about me. I make him promise not to say anything to Louis, but he says he'll think about it. What is that supposed to mean? I knew tears were about to come out of my eyes, so I run into the bathroom upstairs. Just when I get in there, I hear the doorbell ring. I hear Zayn say hi to somebody and hear a bunch of voices in return. But one stood out above all the others. "Hello mate" he said. I automatically knew who it was. Louis. I know he can't see me cry. None of them can. I won't let them. After about 10 minutes, my eyes are finally dry and look usual so I unlock the door to the bathroom and see 5 boys downstairs talking, including Zayn. I rush to the front door so noone saw me and yelled down to Zayn from behind the wall, "I'm leaving Zayn. Bye." I heard Louis whisper to Zayn, "you gotta girl here. I wanna meet her!" He shouted the last part. That's when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I tried to run out the door but it wouldn't budge. I turned around to the face that killed me whenever I saw it. I know I had on a sweater and sunglasses at school so maybe he won't recognize me.

"Abby?" Dang it

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