Abby is a senior in high school. She is the captain of the soccer, basketball, and volleyball team which makes her pretty popular. She's been keeping one secret for the past 3 years. Before she moved to London, she was THE Louis Thomlinson's best friends. but the lost contact. He forgot all about her. What happens when the boys of One Direction come to her school to finish their senior year?


1. He's What?????????????

    Abby's POV


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. It used to be What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction, but now since I have them completely out of my mind, I changed it to Better Together by Fifth Harmony. I hit the snooze button on my alarm and gently close my eyes again. Why did school have to be so early? Instead of falling back asleep, I took my sheets off of my bed and slid out of bed and headed to my bathroom, putting on my bunny slippers along the way.I took off my pajamas and hopped into the shower. I let my shampoo and conditioner run down my back and wash out of my hair. I quickly slipped out of the shower and wrapped my hair and body in a towel. I dried myself off and got changed. I was wearing a blue crop top with white shorts and blue converse. I did a french braid in my hair after blow drying it and grabbed my neon pink backpack. I completely forgot to do my science homework. I grab it out of my bag and start writing out definitions. What is luminescience again? I'll just deal with detention after school. Its wont be the first time I had it anyways. I put my books in my bag again and grab 5 bucks for the cafeteria, just as my phone started to vibrate.

"Hello," I say into my phone, knowing it will be my best friend Cat. "Hey. I'm in the driveway." I say I'll be out in a second and grab my house key. Cat drives me to school every morning. I have my license, just not a car. It really sucks. I jump into her car and before I know it, I'm in my first class. I have different classes than Cat because this is an high school of the arts. you have to do the basic classes. Science, history, math, language, religion. But you get to choose what arts classes you want to be in. Drama, singing, dancing, drawing. I'm in all my basics, and for arts classes I'm in drama, singing, and dancing. Cat is in all her basics, at different times that me though. She is in drawing and my dance class. So altogether, I have one full hour class with Cat. My class that I am in right now is drama. My teacher said that she has a "special" announcement to say once the class is all seated. I wonder what it is?

"Class," announces Miss Cug, "please welcome the boys of One Direction." Oh shoot. If One Direction is here, that means Louis is here. I haven't told anybody this, not even Cat, but Louis used to be my best friend. When he left for the X-Factor he promised me we would keep in touch and you know what happened. We haven't talked since. I bet he doesn't even remember me anyway. Why would he want to? He is THE Louis Thomlinson. He could have any girl he wanted wrapped around his finger, any time, any place. Sure, maybe I used to like him. ALOT. But that was before he broke the biggest two rules of friendship.

1) Keep your promises

2) Never leave your best friend with a broken heart

5 Boys came out on stage, in our huge school theatre. Louis looks so different. He looks more mature, but I bet it's different in his personality. He's never been the type to be serious. He's always goofing around or trying to crack some stupid joke. And trust me, that got very annoying. I know that Louis will not recognize me, but I still, for some weird reason, feel the need to leave. I just stand up and walk out the door.

Its been about 30 minutes since I left the auditorium and right now, I am sitting at my locker re-reading my favourite book, The Fault In Our Stars. I look up from my book and see 5 guys walking out of the auditorium doors. Must me middle break. I try to bbe as invisable as possible by ducking my head into my book and continue reading. When I look up a few minutes later, I see those 5 same boys, one of which used to be my best friend, standing over me. I just gave them a look saying 'what are you looking at?' I knew all of their names, they used to be my favourite band. "umm. Can I help you?" I asked them. I didn't mean to be rude, but I guess it kind of came out like that. They looked at me, with the stare that Louis always used on me when he knew there was something wrong. "Listen," Louis started. Just hearing his voice brought back memories of him leaving. "We don't know you, or who you are. But we don't appreciate you walking out on us before we even begin. So come back in with us," Louis forced. Those first words, 'we don't know who you are', stung and hurt. That one sentence brought tears to my eyes.

"I'm not coming," I said, not worrying about hurting their feelings or not. I get up, about to leave, when I felt a grasp holding onto my wrist. I turned around to see Louis holding my wrist. "What?" I spat in his face. He looked hurt but I didn't care. "Why are you so rude to us? We don't even know you." Right then and there, my heart shatters into a million pieces. "You don't know me?" I say getting into his face. "You may not know my Louis Thomlinson, but I know you. And your just an immature, little boy who knows nothing about me." I could see the look of hurt all over his face. "Well, um," "Abby" i told him. He looked at the other boys."Well, Abby. If you were in the auditorium you would know that we are going to be helping out in your drama and music classes. So, I'm sure we will have a lot of time to talk and get to know eachother. Why don't you come to our flat after school babe?" I looked at them akk in discust. "No," I said to them turning and walking away. "And don't call me babe" I yelled back to them still walking.

Before I could say anything else, the school day was over. Finally. I go over to Cat's car and see a note left on her windsheild

'Abby. Got detention for pulling a prank on the new guys.

Use your extra keys to my car and drive yourself home

 I'll text you when to pick me up. Cat'


I get in the car and pull out my keys. I start the car before adjusting the mirrors and notice 5 boys standing behind the car. I turn around, since this is a convertable, and say to them, "unless you wanna get ran over, I'd move if I were you." They just laughed. Louis turned to Harry and said, "maybe you should get her. She is a little to feisty for me." Harry turned to me and smirked. I rolled my eyes. "I don't belong to anyone dummy. Now if you'll excuse me." I turned around and buckled my seat belt, going forward making sure to avoid them. I can't believe my old best friend is now my new worst enemy. Ironic huh? It still hurts that he doesn'e remember me. He told me he cared about me, but I guess that was just another one of his lies. I look through the mirror and see another red convertable right behind me. I look through the windsheild and see Zayn driving. But i don't see anyone in the passenger seat or in the back. It's just him? Thats weird. I don't even think he knows that I'm in front of him. Without thinking, I turn around to make sure it was just him. But before I could check...

Everything went black....



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