Abby is a senior in high school. She is the captain of the soccer, basketball, and volleyball team which makes her pretty popular. She's been keeping one secret for the past 3 years. Before she moved to London, she was THE Louis Thomlinson's best friends. but the lost contact. He forgot all about her. What happens when the boys of One Direction come to her school to finish their senior year?


3. A/N

Sorry about the short chapter everyone. I just wanted to make suspense. I also needed to make this authors note.


I am having a contest, for Louis' sister.

All I need to know is...


Hair and eye colour

favourite colour

dress or sweats

girly or tomboy

Heels or Runners

nail polish or french manicure


I am planning on making her a little bit of either a girly girl or a total sports girl depending on the winner's answers.

I will announce the winner soon!!!

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