An Irish Christmas (a Niall Horan Christmas fanfic)

Niall take his girlfriend Josie and their toddler daughter Brittney to Mullingar to visit his dad for Christmas. When they get there, Mr. Horan tells Niall he'd invited his ex, Amy, because he'd thought Niall was still single. A feud heats up between Josie and Amy. What happens when Josie finds Niall and Amy kissing underneath the mistletoe?


5. Chapter 5

When I opened the door to reveal Niall, I slammed it in his face.  I didn’t wanna deal with him anymore.


Just as I was walking away, Niall knocked on the door.  “Come on, Josie!  Open the door!” he pleaded.


“No!  Go away!” I said.


“But I have something I’d like to sing for you!”


I finally opened the door.  “Okay, but this better be good.”


Niall cleared his throat before he started singing.


I don’t want a lot for Christmas

There is just one thing I need

I don’t care about the presents

Underneath the Christmas tree


I don’t wanna hang my stocking

There upon the fireplace

Santa Claus won’t make me happy

With a toy on Christmas Day


I just want you for my own

More than you could ever know

Make my wish come true

Baby, all I want for Christmas is you…


By the end of the song, Niall was in tears.  I could tell he really meant it.  “Can I come in?” Niall asked.


“Yes,” I said, and let him in.


“You left all the presents in Ireland, so I brought them here for you.”


“Aw, you’re so sweet!”  Then, I noticed a little box.  “Ooh, what’s this?”


“Oh, that’s for later.  Let’s open the rest of them first.”




“Where’s mine, Daddy?” Brittney asked.


Niall pulled out a big rectangular box.  “Here you go, love,” he said.  “It’s from Santa.”


Brittney ripped the wrapping paper off the box and gasped when she saw what it was.  “A dollhouse!”


“What do you say, sweetie?” I asked.




“I’ll tell Santa you said that,” Niall said.




After all the presents were opened, Niall led me up to my old room for his gift to me.  I unwrapped it to reveal a small Tiffany’s box.  I gasped.  “Niall!  You got me a ring?!”


“Not just any ring,” Niall said, getting down on one knee.  He took the box and opened it.  Inside was a big, beautiful diamond engagement ring.  “I was never kissing Amy.  She was really kissing me, and I couldn’t pull away soon enough.  You’re the only girl I want, and you’re the one I wanna spend the rest of my life with.  Josephine Danielle Kennedy, will you marry me?”


“Yes, I will marry you, Niall James Horan!” I squealed.


Niall pulled me into a long, passionate kiss.  I turned it into a makeout session, which soon turned into sex.


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