An Irish Christmas (a Niall Horan Christmas fanfic)

Niall take his girlfriend Josie and their toddler daughter Brittney to Mullingar to visit his dad for Christmas. When they get there, Mr. Horan tells Niall he'd invited his ex, Amy, because he'd thought Niall was still single. A feud heats up between Josie and Amy. What happens when Josie finds Niall and Amy kissing underneath the mistletoe?


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3


“Alright, who wants to play in the snow?!” Niall asked the girls after breakfast.


“MEEEEEE!!!” Brittney and Lindsey chorused.


“Alright!  Well, let’s get you both dressed, and then we’ll go out!”


After the girls were dressed, Greg, Tina, Niall, and I took them outside to play in the snow.


“I call a snowball fight!” Niall shouted like a little boy.  He immediately took a ball of snow and threw it at me.  I dodged it and threw one at him.  Then, it turned into an all-out snowball war.


After we threw snowballs at each other for a while, Lindsey yelled, “I wanna make a snowman!”


“Hey, that’s a great idea, Lindsey!  Do you know how to make one?” I asked.


Lindsey shook her head.


“Let me help you, then.”  I showed her how to make the first big ball.  Brittney wanted to join in, so I let her.




Niall’s POV


I was helping Josie and the girls build their snowman when I heard Amy calling my name.


“Girls, I’m gonna go inside and get some supplies for the snowman,” I lied.


“Yay!” Brittney and Lindsey chorused.


“Don’t be too long,” Josie said.


“I won’t, love,” I promised.  I pecked her on the lips and went to see Amy.  “What’s up?”


“Look up!” Amy said, smiling.


I looked up and saw mistletoe hanging from the doorway.  “Amy, you know I have a girlfriend!” I said.


“Shut up and kiss me, you fool!”  Amy suddenly pulled me into a kiss.




Josie’s POV


We were about finished with our snowman when Lindsey suddenly exclaimed, “Ni-Ni, no!”  She ran up to the back door and started banging on it.


Brittney looked in the direction Lindsey was heading.  Then, her eyes grew wide and she yelled, “Dada!”  She ran up to join Lindsey.


Curious, I joined the girls at the back door and saw Niall…kissing Amy…underneath the mistletoe.


I threw open the door and looked angrily at Niall.  “Niall James Horan!” I scolded.  “You said you were getting supplies for the snowman!”


Niall had a shocked look on his face.  “I…I got distracted!” he said.


“You were kissing Amy underneath the mistletoe!”


“I was NOT!  She was kissing ME!”


“And you LET her?!  I can’t believe you’d do that!  You’re not getting ANYTHING from me for Christmas, and I’m going home!  Fuck you!”  With that, I stomped upstairs and packed mine and Brittney’s bags.


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