An Irish Christmas (a Niall Horan Christmas fanfic)

Niall take his girlfriend Josie and their toddler daughter Brittney to Mullingar to visit his dad for Christmas. When they get there, Mr. Horan tells Niall he'd invited his ex, Amy, because he'd thought Niall was still single. A feud heats up between Josie and Amy. What happens when Josie finds Niall and Amy kissing underneath the mistletoe?


2. Chapter 2

“Who the hell is Amy?!” I demanded.


“She’s just a friend, babe,” Niall said.  “Don’t worry.”


We followed Mr. Horan inside, but not before a brunette came running up to Niall.  “Niall!” she said, throwing her arms around him.  “I haven’t seen you in forever, baby!”


“Baby?!  You said she was just a friend!” I shouted.


“She is!” Niall defended.  “She’s an ex, but we’re still friends.”


“Who’s this bird?” Amy asked.  “Your girlfriend?”


“Yes, she’s my girlfriend.  She has been since high school.”


“Well, you know what, arsehole?” Amy said to me.  “You can rot in hell, because Niall is MINE!”


“Not if I can help it, bitch!” I said.


“Girls, girls, let’s get along, okay?” Mr. Horan intervened.  “Let’s all go to bed.  I’m sure you’re tired after your long flight, yeah?”


“Yeah…that’s true.  Do you have a crib Brittney can sleep in?”


“Actually, yes!  My other son Greg has a little girl he brings here often.  It’s in one of the guest rooms.”


“Sweet, thanks.”


Niall took Brittney into the guest room, put her to bed, and joined me in bed.




The next morning when I went to wake Brittney up, I was surprised to see another little girl in the crib with her.  They were both standing up, so I decided to take them both down for breakfast.


“Good morning, love,” Niall said when he saw me.  “I see you found my little niece.”


“Oh, is that who she is?” I asked.  “What’s her name?”


“Lindsey.  She’s my brother’s daughter.”


“Oh…hey, bitch,” I heard Amy say.  She had her arms crossed.


“You’re the bitch!  You stole my boyfriend!” I countered.


“Girls, please get along,” Mr. Horan said.  “Amy and Niall are just friends.  Besides, Josie, Niall has been planning something very special for you, right, Niall?”


“Yes, I have,” Niall said, grinning like a Cheshire cat.


I gasped.  “Oh, my God, a proposal?!”


“I don’t know, you’ll have to wait until Christmas.”


Just then, a guy came down with another girl, probably his wife, judging by the rock on her hand.  The guy looked just like Niall, so I assumed this was his brother.


“Good morning,” the guy said.  “I see we have more visitors.”


“Dada!” Lindsey squealed.


“Hey, princess!” Niall’s brother said, giving Lindsey a peck on the cheek.  “So, who’s this?”


“I’m Josie,” I introduced myself.  “This is my daughter Brittney.”


“I’m Greg.  Nice to meet you.”  We shook hands.  “Oh, and this is my wife Tina.”


“Nice to meet you both.”


“So, you’re an American girl, yeah?  Where are you from?”


“Marietta, Georgia.”


“I was born and raised here in Mullingar, just like Niall.”


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